The Three Giant Brothers is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

The Three Giant Brothers is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Read the stone tablet found on Mount Taran by the 3 reciprocals.



Link must find and defeat the 3 Giant Brothers of Mount Taran


  • Make your way to the 3 Shiekah Reciprocals toward the top of Mount Taran.
  • Read the Stone Tablet nearby to trigger the quest.
  • There are 3 ponds with Hinox found around this shrine area.
  • To the South you will find the Middle Kin Hinox, in Uten Marsh.
  • Around the Middle Kin Hinox you will find a number of bee hives. These bees will not attack the Hinox but will come after Link, If he shoots them.
  • Try to go for the Wooden shin guard if you need to stun.
  • One time you can stun the Hinox with an arrow to the eye.
  • Be careful if you are staying in close to the Hinox to watch out for the slam.
  • When you defeat the Hinox, it will drop whatever weapons it has on its neck, its other items and the Shiekah Sphere.
  • Collect the Shiekah Sphere and turn to the West, going back up the slope.
  • Set the Sphere in one of the reciprocals to have it activate and turn blue.
  • To the Northeast of the Shrine in Hanu Pond, you will find another Hinox, the Youngest Kin.
  • Take on the Hinox carefully and defeat them.
  • Collect the Shiekah Sphere that drops from their necklace.
  • Return to the reciprocals at the
  • Finally, you will find the Rabella Wetlands.
  • Here you will find Hinox, the Eldest Kin.
  • Unlike the others, there are a number of Bokoblin around the area.
  • Take your time going toward the Hinox in the middle of the encampment and clear out the Bokoblins.
  • Defeat the Bokoblins closest to the Hinox to save yourself that hassle then take on the Hinox.
  • Underneath the Hinox you will find a metal chest buried in the ground you will need to pull out using Magnesis.
  • Take on the Hinox and defeat it to claim the final Shiekah Sphere.
  • Collect the Sphere and bring it back to the last reciprocal.
  • Place it in the reciprocal to reveal Tawa Jinn Shrine.




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The Three Giant Brothers + Tawa Jinn's Blessing


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