Trial of the Sword - Beginning Trials is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

Trial of the Sword Beginning Trials is a Quest (The Master Trials Sidequests) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.




Link descends through the underground illusory realm of the Sword Monk's Shrine. This realm will test Link to the utmost to unlock his true potential as well as that of the Master Sword.

Quest Items[edit]


Level 1 - Beginning Trials[edit]

  • Crouch and head over to the right. Ignore the Tree Branch on the ground.
  • You can see a small camp with 3 Bokoblins in it.
  • Approach them, and when you are close enough, throw a Circular Remote Bomb between the log and the Camp Fire
  • On the spit over the fire is a Seared Steak.
  • This will alert the Bokoblins who will run for the weapons.
  • When at least 2 of the 3 are by the bomb, detonate it to instantly kill them. All 3 can be caught in the blast to quickly kill all of them.
  • If 1 survives, then let it grab a weapon and start to rush you.
  • Drop a second bomb once the rune has recharged, or change bomb type for a quick drop, to quickly defeat it.
  • This will clear the floor.
  • On the log by the camp you will find a Boko Spear, Club, Shield and a Woodcutter's Axe (likely scattered by the blast).
  • More food can be found in the wooden crates and barrels around the camp.
  • When you are ready, head to the active plate to travel to the next floor.

Level 2 - Beginning Trials[edit]

  • This floor features a number of Bokoblins, scattered across a camp.
  • There is also a Fire Chuchu between where Link appears and the Bokoblin Camp.
  • Head over to the right and take cover behind the first large tree in that direction.
  • From this shelter, make your way toward the Bokoblin on the short watch tower.
  • Make your way quickly over there, taking cover behind the tree that is between the large one and the watch tower.
  • Use this tree to break line of sight from the Bokoblins on the main platform.
  • Sneak over to the far side of the watch tower, where you will find a ladder.
  • Climb the ladder and quickly take out the Bokoblin on top of it.
  • Claim the Boko Bow it drops and any Arrows.
  • Break the barrels at the base of the watch tower to find more Arrows.
  • Try to quickly take out the Fire Chuchu using your bow.
  • If the Fire Chuchu approaches Link before he has the bow, throw a weapon at it to quickly destroy it and avoid getting caught in the resulting blast.
  • Head over to the opposite side of the room now.
  • Climb the large tree there and look down onto the platform with the remaining Bokoblins.
  • You can easily pick them off using your Boko Bow, use Magnesis on the metal crates or drop down and engage in melee.
  • You can also use your bow to drop the ramp on the back side of the Bokoblin's platform for Link's use.
  • The Bokoblins on this platform are armed with a Boko Bat, Traveler's Sword and Shield and one with a Boko bow.
  • Defeat all the Bokoblins on this platform to trigger the exit portal.
  • Take a little extra time to break open the wooden crates and barrels on this platform for additional food.

Trial of the Sword - Beginning Trials Floor 2 Video Walkthrough

Level 3 - Beginning Trials[edit]

  • This floor pits Link against a number of Chuchus.
  • The first Chuchu is a small one that appears in the middle of the room and slowly advances on Link.
  • Destroy the Chuchu at a distance to be ready for the next wave of 4 small Fire Chuchus.
  • With this wave destroyed, quickly pull out your bow and light an arrow using the flames from the Fire Chuchu.
  • Turn back toward where you entered the area.
  • Look along the wall to find a wooden platform with a stone chest on it.
  • Fire this arrow into the wooden platform to cause the chest to drop.
  • Inside this chest, by the entrance, is a Boomerang.
  • There is another chest on the opposite end of the room.
  • Once again, use the fire from the Fire Chuchus to burn the platform holding the second chest.
  • This chest has Fire Arrow x5 inside it.
  • Destroying the second wave will have you face off against more Fire Chuchus, this time 4 larger ones.
  • Destroy these Chuchu, using their fire to claim the 2 chests if you have not already.
  • Defeated them will clear the floor and allow you to progress downward.

Level 4 - Beginning Trials[edit]

  • This one has a large camp in the middle of the room on an elevated platform.
  • Sneak over to the left and climb up the nearby tree.
  • First, look toward the camp and snipe the Bokoblin Archer that can see you.
  • Next, look to the left, to the top of the tall watch tower.
  • Use a Fire Arrow to hit one of the powder kegs at the top of the tower.
  • This will quickly kill a Bokoblin Archer at the top.
  • Having killed that one, head forward to the main camp.
  • There is a Bokoblin with a Boko Spear at the base of the stairs going up into the camp.
  • Defeat the Bokoblin and continue upwards to encounter more of them.
  • One the first landing you will find a Bokoblin with a Boko Club.
  • Defeat it and continue up to the first platform.
  • You will encounter a Blue Bokoblin with a Spiked Boko Bat
  • Also on this landing you will find a part of Metal Boxes and a Bokoblin with a Spiked Boko Bow.
  • The Metal Boxes have Arrows inside them.
  • On the next landing up is another Blue Bokoblin with a Traveler's Shield and Soldier's Sword.
  • Defeat them to clear the floor.
  • On the next level of the lookout, you will find Wooden Crates. Smash them open to find more food.
  • Collect all the weapons and other items that are scattered around before heading down to the next level.

Level 5 - Beginning Trials[edit]

  • When you arrive on this floor, crouch, there are 2 patrolling Moblins outside a stone skull.
  • Sneak over to the left and hide behind the large tree ahead of you on the left.
  • Before you go into the skull, either fire a Fire Arrow into the skull aimed at the powder kegs.
  • These will detonate and do heavy damage to the Bokoblins inside the skull.
  • If possible, sneak in and quickly defeat them.
  • Before claiming the food around the skull, go outside and defeat the remaining Moblin with the Moblin Spear.
  • Search the inside to claim the surviving weapons and cooked food.
  • Head to the portal and activate it to move to the next floor.

Level 6 - Beginning Trials[edit]

  • This floor simply pits Link against a Stone Talus.
  • Use the trees as cover once the battle has begun.
  • You can easily rush onto the Stone Talus and climb onto its head.
  • Once there, attack the Mineral Ore on its head.
  • Be careful of its arms which it will throw at you.
  • You can also destroy its arms by throwing the Remote Bombs at it and detonating them below its arms.
  • It can repair its arms by slamming its sides into the ground.
  • You can find Powder Kegs behind the trees.
  • Carrying these out into the open, freezing them with Stasis and hitting them with a weapon will launch the explosives right into the Talus.
  • Take your time, hit the ore a few times and then jump off before you get thrown and take damage.
  • You can also quickly drop and detonate Remote Bombs to do heavy damage.
  • In the back of the room, there are Metal Boxes you can use Mangesis on to grab and slam into the ore on its head.

Level 7 - Beginning Trials[edit]

Level 8 - Beginning Trials[edit]

  • This floor has Lizalfos and some Electric Chuchus.
  • Go over to the left and climb up the stone coming out of the water.
  • This will put you out of range of the 2 Lizalfos and an Electric Chuchu and you can easily see them.
  • Around the fire you can see 2 Lizalfos and an Electric Chuchu.
  • There are 4 Roasted Bass.
  • You can fire an arrow between the Chuchus and Lizalfos to lure the Chuchu over to the Lizlafos.
  • Shoot it with your arrow to have it explode, doing damage to both of them and having them drop their weapons.
  • On the rock you are just out of their range while they are inside your bow range.
  • There are a few Boko Spears with the bass on them.
  • You can also smash the crates for additional supplies on this small island.
  • Head over to the right to the 4 rocks, quietly.
  • Look into the water with Magnesis to find a hidden chest.
  • Inside the chest you will find Arrow x10.
  • There is also a metal box you can grab and use nearby in the water.
  • Either use that or sneak up on the Lizalfos on the rock outcropping.
  • After you kill this Lizalfos and get its Lizal Bow.
  • Make your way onto the next landing. There you will find the last Lizalfos.
  • It is armed with a Lizal Boomerang.
  • Kill it to complete this floor.

[ Trial of the Sword - Beginning Trials Floor 8 Video Walkthrough]

Level 9 - Beginning Trials[edit]

  • When you arrive on the floor, there is a nearby Octorok that will immediately begin shooting at Link.
  • Use your bow and arrow to deal with the Octorok whether it is above or below water.
  • Just across the way is a Lightning Wizzrobe, who might notice Link fighting the Octorok.
  • Use Fire Arrows to quickly stun it.
  • While it is on the ground, you can easily rush it and get some hard hits in. It will drop a Lightning Rod.
  • On the far side of this room, you will have 1 more Octorok to deal with.
  • In the water, if needed, is a metal box that can be used against all of the enemies in this room.
  • When you are ready, head to the exit portal to continue onward.

[ Trial of the Sword - Beginning Trials Floor 9 Video Walkthrough]

Level 10 - Beginning Trials[edit]

  • When you arrive, once again you are in immediate peril. There is a Lizalfos Archer who can see you. It has a Lizal Bow.
  • You will also need to deal with 2 more Lizalfos on this platform who will be rushing you with a Lizal Boomerang and Lizal Shield and one with a Lizal Spear.
  • Use the Lightning Rod on your enemies for quick disarms on them to collect their weapons and make the fight much easier.
  • Knocking the 2 melee Lizalfos into the water makes things easier because they will start to attack individually instead of as a pair.
  • Use Remote Bombs to keep them separate.
  • There are numerous metal crates around the area to make it easy to fight without using your weapons.
  • There are 2 wooden crates on the back portion of the circular platform where the Lizalfos started.

[ Trial of the Sword - Beginning Trials Floor 10 Video Walkthrough]

Level 11 - Beginning Trials[edit]

  • There is a raft just to your right. Step onto it and slice the rope to get the raft moving.
  • Look to the left as you are traveling forward.
  • In the small circle of rocks on the left, head over to it.
  • In this circle of rock you can find a chest with Shock Arrow x10.
  • Be careful approaching these rocks because of the Bokoblin with Fire Arrows and Spiked Boko Bow.
  • Take out the Bokoblin and then continue forward to the next platform.
  • Look to the right and you will see 3 more Bokoblin. There are 2 red and 1 blue.
  • They are armed with Spiked Boko Bat, Spiked Boko Spear, Soldier's Broadsword and Soldier's Shield.
  • On the higher level of this platform, there is a Moblin.
  • On the far side of the room, right-hand side, you will encounter a Blue Bokoblin with Fire Arrows and a Spiked Boko Bow.
  • Make your way to the top to encounter the Moblin. It is armed with Dragonborn Boko Club and Dragonborn Boko Shield.
  • Go over to the right-hand side and look to the watch tower where the Bokoblin is/was.
  • There is a metal chest there that you grab with Magnesis.
  • Inside the chest is a bundle of Fire Arrow x10.
  • Be sure to take your time to smash open the crates here to collect a large number of Arrows and Fire Arrows.
  • When you collect everything, head to the top of the back platform to reach the exit portal.

[ Trial of the Sword - Beginning Trials Floor 11 Video Walkthrough]

Level 12 - Beginning Trials[edit]

  • This final floor pits Link against a Blue Hinox.
  • Look at the top of the trees first, moving quietly, to find more Palm Fruits on the trees.
  • Collect the fruits and then it is time to face off against the Hinox.
  • The Hinox is very likely to move to one of the four trees and rip it out of the ground to use as a weapon.
  • Take your time to run around the island to keep distance between the Hinox and Link.
  • This is the final battle in this trial, so expend everything you want.
  • Hit the Hinox in the eye to stun it.
  • While the Hinox is stunned, you can rush up to it and take the weapons around its neck, a Knight's Broadsword, Knight's Shield and a Knight's Bow.
  • Running will help keep the distance between Link and the Hinox, who wants to mostly fight in melee range.
  • After being hit in the eye a few times, the Hinox will start to cover it up when it sees Link aiming for it with his bow.
  • With very careful aim and timing, you can still hit the eye from between the fingers.
  • The Hinox will only lower its hand when it is close enough to attempt attacks on Link.
  • If the Hinox gets close, it will attempt to either stomp or slam itself on Link.
  • When you defeat the Hinox, head directly for the exit portal.

The Shrine - Beginning Trials[edit]

  • You have completed the first set of trial floors.
  • Head up the stairs to the pedestal with the Master Sword in it.
  • Pull it out to complete the first round.
  • The Master Sword will permanently gain 10 attack power.


Mysterious Voice: To the blade's chosen hero... In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer the Trial of the Sword. You presently lack the power necessary to wield the true splendor of the Master Sword... You must fortify your mind, body and soul by eradicating all obstacles that appear in this realm. In this illusory realm of sacred mystery, anything can happen... All that you obtain here will be lost upon your return to the reality you know. Chosen hero of the Master Sword... Overcome the Trial of the Sword and claim the blade's true splendor!

Mysterious Voice: To the one chosen by the sacred blade... I command your efforts in this trial. You are now strong enough to wield more of the Master Sword's power than ever before. Courageous hero... chosen by the blade... Take hold of the Master Sword.


According to the Great Deku Tree, the Master Sword's true spledor has to be awakened. To do so, you must conquer the Trial of the Sword.

Challenge the Trial of the Sword by placing the Master Sword in its pedestal.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Stasis and Magnesis can be used to find hidden weapons scattered around the rooms.
  • Woodcutter's Axe can be used to destroy Wooden Crates and barrels with a single swing. This helps keep all items inside together.


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