Trial of the Sword - Middle Trials is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

Trial of the Sword Middle Trials is a Quest (The Master Trials Sidequests) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.




Link descends through the underground illusory realm of the Sword Monk's Shrine. This realm will test Link to the utmost to unlock his true potential as well as that of the Master Sword.

Quest Items[edit]


Level 1 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • There is a constant updraft all around this area. Jump and glide upwards with the Paraglider.
  • Either head over to the right from where you start or go straight across the room toward the Bokoblin fire arrow archer.
  • Going to the lowest right-hand landing you will find a Boko Spear.
  • Break open the wooden crates for arrows.
  • Turn toward the landing opposite where you entered. You can now see there are 2 Bokoblins there to protect the archer.
  • Defeat all of them and search the landing for its crates and barrels.
  • Inside those crates you will find fruit and arrows.
  • Continue around the room, going upwards to the next landing.
  • This landing has a pair of Bokoblins, metal crates, 2 barrels and 1 explosive barrel.
  • 1 of the Bokoblins has a Boko Bow and the other has a Woodcutter's Axe.
  • Open the barrels and crates to find a few more supplies.
  • Look back toward the landing you were just on, above it, you can see a stone chest on a wooden platform.
  • You can either get onto the platform with careful use of mir-air glider to reach the platform.
  • In that chest you will find a Soldier's Bow.
  • There is also another chest above the area on the right platform from where you started with a Soldier's Broadsword.
  • After that, head to the exit portal to finish this floor below you.

Level 2 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • This room also has a continuous updraft that you can use.
  • First though, to your left, you will need to deal with 2 Bokoblins.
  • The Bokoblins are armed with a Soldier's Sword and Shield and a Soldier's Spear.
  • Go to the far end of the landing to find a pair of Wooden Crates. Opening them will reveal food.
  • Head back to the landing point and look upwards and around. You will see a Fire Wizzrobe in air.
  • Hit the Wizzrobe in its head to cause it to fall down into the pit below and die.
  • Continue going around the room in the same direction.
  • You will find a wooden platform with a chest on it. Use a fire arrow to burn down the platform.
  • Inside the chest you will find a Feathered Edge.
  • Just a bit farther along your path is another Fire Wizzrobe.
  • Keep moving along the outside of the room.
  • You final encounter here is a Bokoblin archer with a Spiked Boko Bow.
  • Smash the crates on the landing for more Arrows.
  • Defeating the Bokoblin will clear the path forward.
  • Head for the exit portal to move on.

Level 3 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • When you land you are in range of the Bokoblin bomb archers across from you.
  • Take off and use the Paraglider to head over to the right-hand balcony.
  • This balcony has 1 Archer (With Shock arrows) and another Bokoblin with an Enhanced Lizal Spear.
  • Be careful here because you are still in range of the archers across from you. The wooden barriers will only last for a hit.
  • The crates on this landing have Shock Arrows in one and more Arrows in the other.
  • Look upwards as well. You will see a floating platform with another Bokoblin archer on it. This one has Ice Arrows.
  • Take out 1-2 of the balloons attached to this platform to cause it to quickly drop the Bokoblin on it.
  • Turn your attention to the Bokoblin archers across from you.
  • Glide over to them using the updraft.
  • Quickly take out the Red Bokoblins with headshots while airborne.
  • Land a hit or two on the Blue Bokoblin if you are a very quick shot then land to rush them with your weapon.
  • Now, there is just one Red Bokoblin with Ice Arrows to deal with.
  • Quickly take them out as well either from the landing or while airborne.
  • Smash the crates and barrels on the landing that had 3 Bokoblins to find Bomb Arrows, Arrows, Raw Meat and Raw Bird Drumsticks.
  • Glide over to the platform that had the final Bokoblin with the ice arrows to find more crates. Inside those you will find Fleet-Lotus Seeds, berries and Ice Arrows.
  • Head toward the exit point, but continue along this side of the room to find a second hovering platform with a metal chest on it.
  • Pop the balloon on the side nearest the ledge below it.
  • The Metal Chest will drop down on it. Open it up to claim the Feathered Spear inside it.
  • Go over to the exit point and move deeper into the trials.

Level 4 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • This room pits Link against a Decayed Guardian.
  • You can glide over to it and snipe it from mid-air or use the stun to close in and attack it in melee range.
  • You can easily defeat it with a single Shield Parry, if you are very practiced at this.
  • The crates to the right have Arrows in them if you need to restock.
  • If you look to the left of the entrance (facing as you entered this room), you will find a metal chest.
  • The platform to the right of the entrance have more crates on it with Arrows in them.

Level 5 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • This is the first "rest" floor that Link will encounter during this trial.
  • Walk/sneak over to the right-hand side of the exit to grab the Fairy there.
  • The Chests on the right, from the entrance, have a Falcon Bow, Hylian Trousers and Knight's Broadsword.
  • Inside the crates behind the chests you can find a variety of useful items.
  • Toward the back from the crates you can find a Woodcutter's Axe.
  • On the opposite side you can find a Cooking Pot.
  • Nearby it, along the base of the trees you can find a few Ironshrooms and some Hylian Shrooms closer to the exit.
  • In the water you can find a few Hyrule Bass.
  • Collect and cook what you can then head to the exit portal and continue downward.

Level 6 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • This is the first "Dark room". It will lighten only when all the enemies in it have been defeated.
  • To your left, from the entrance, you can see an Electric Chuchu and to the right you can see Fire Keese.
  • There are 5 Fire Keese total in this room.
  • Defeat them carefully to avoid the lingering damage from the fire.
  • The Chuchu can be lured into the fire resulting from the Keese with a little set up.
  • Arrows are the best way to deal with the Chuchu and avoid the resulting electric burst from it upon death.

Level 7 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • This is another Dark room that Link will need to clear.
  • In this room there are a number of Lizafos and a skull hideout.
  • Immediately after arriving, use Stasis to get an idea of the positions of your foes.
  • Most will not be highlighted, but once they have received damage, you will be able to track them using their health bars above their heads.
  • There is one Lizafos on the left-hand side in the trees and one on the right-hand side just outside the skull to the right of the mouth.
  • Inside the skull are 2-3 more Lizafos that Link will need to deal with.
  • It is one of the better illuminated areas as well.
  • You can use the torch in the eye to light some of the crates, possibly an explosive barrel inside with a very careful shot.
  • One of the Lizafos inside the skull is armed with a Flameblade, so watch for the glowing blade.
  • There is likely 1 more Lizalfos inside the skull.
  • Sneak inside and defeat the final Lizalfos to brighten the room.
  • There are a number of crates that can be smash open for more supplies.
  • A chest can be found inside the skull. open it to claim a Forest Dweller's Spear.
  • Claim any lingering weapons and head back to the exit portal to move on.

Level 8 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • Another Dark Room for Link to deal with.
  • There are a number of Fire Keese scattered throughout the area.
  • Carefully move forward because there is a Fire Wizzrobe.
  • Move forward carefully to get the Fire Wizzrobe attention and then fire an Ice Arrow into it to quickly destroy it.
  • Head past the wall and go over to the right.
  • This will lead you to a small camp with a few Bokoblins.
  • They are around a camp fire with a Seared Steak and are armed with a few different weapons like a Dragonbone Boko Club, Soldier's Broadsword and Shield.
  • Save searching the room until it is lit from defeating the enemies to better track where to go.
  • There are crates in the corners of the wall ruins around the fire with the Seared Steak.
  • If you need a torch, be sure to simply search around the area. They are common on this floor.
  • Collect what you can and then head for the exit to continue downward.

Level 9 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • This floor will have Link fighting against another Decayed Guardian.
  • You can step out into its sight and destroy it with a single shield parry of the beam.
  • Otherwise, head over to the left from where you arrive.
  • This will take Link up into the ruins of a tower.
  • Use these ruins to snipe at the Decayed Guardian from relative safety.
  • Once the room is lit, take your time to search.
  • One of the platforms has a pair of wooden crates on it. Smash them open for more supplies.
  • Collect what supplies you need and head for the exit to continue downward.

Level 10 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • This room has a Blue Hinox inside that is the main foe.
  • Head over to the left from the starting poiint to climb onto the remains of the tower.
  • This will give Link a fairly safe place to fight the Hinox with a bow and arrows.
  • Open fire on the Hinox and engage it carefully.
  • The Hinox is wearing wooden shin guards, these can be lit up and burned away using any flame weaponms that Link has on hand.
  • Stunning the Hinox will let you grab the Thunder Rod, Knight's Broadsword and a Knight's Bow.
  • Moving around in the dark room can have the Hinox grab one of the few trees in the area to use as a weapon against Link.
  • Take your time with the fight and use the cover to your advantage.
  • Search the room once lit to find a few more barrels for extra supplies and continue downward.

Level 11 - Middle Trials[edit]

Level 12 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • Link will appear in a room filled with Guardian Scouts.
  • Immediately equip the Cryonis rune and use it to build 1-2 pillars in the shallow water in front of Link.
  • All these Guardians will die from a single hit from an arrow so use the pillars as cover and eliminate each of them quickly.
  • If you want to engage in melee, create pillars as you head through the water to protect yourself from the other guardians and engage the ones you are closest to.
  • There is a chest on a raised platform.
  • It can easily be reached using Cryonis.
  • Inside the chest you will find more Arrows
  • Head to the exit and head downward.

Level 13 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • Link will need to defeat a pair of Guardian Scout II.
  • The first one is directly in front of link and will move in on him with its and Guardian Spear and second one is around the corner to the right with a Ancient Battle Axe.
  • there is one Guardian Scout on the left-hand side of the room, somewhat hidden. This one is armed with an guardian sword.
  • Find the biggest platform in the room and search around it with Magnesis active.
  • On the back side of it, you will find a hidden metal block.
  • Pull it out to reveal a hidden chest with Duplex Bow inside.
  • Head for the exit to continue downward.

Level 14 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • Once again, there are a number of Guardian Scouts that Link needs to defeat.
  • To Link's left and right, he has a Guardian Scout taking aim at him.
  • In the back of the room there are 2 more Guardian Scouts.
  • On the sides, you will find a Guardian Scout II on each side.
  • The one of the left and right have a Guardian Sword and Guardian Shield.
  • Taking them out will give you their weapons.
  • Search the back pond on the right.
  • You will find a metal chest in the water with an Eightfold Blade inside it.
  • With all that in hand, head for the exit point and continue downward.

Level 15 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • This room pits Link against 2 Guardian Scout IIs.
  • One of them are armed with a Guardian Sword and Guardian Shield, and the other is armed with an Ancient Battle Axe and Guardian Spear.
  • Try to fight this pair as individuals as much as possible.
  • If they both perform the spin attack, keep moving, it takes 1 pillar per guardian scout to stop them.
  • Once they have both spun, go back your normal attack method.
  • There are 2 sides of the map that have dried vines on the ground. You can lure the Scouts into them and ignite the leaves to do heavy damage.
  • The scouts can damage each other with their laser attacks if you get them to enter the affected zone.
  • Having the scouts damage each other makes a fight a bit easier.
  • The Scouts will use the Updraft attack when reduced to 50% or less health.
  • When reduced to 10% or less, they will begin to use their laser volley attack.
  • When they are defeated, collect the weapons you can and head for the exit point to the final challenge floor.

Level 16 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • This final room will pit Link against a Guardian Scout III.
  • This Guardian Scout III is armed with a Guardian Sword+, Guardian Shield+ and an Ancient Battle Axe+.
  • Remember that Guardians take extra damage from Guardian/Ancient Weapons.
  • There are only a few pillars in this room, so you will need to be cautious about dodging the spinning attack when it is used.
  • Watch the attacks early on. All 3 weapons have a long wind-up animation before the attack is used.
  • Use those wind-ups to get in position for a perfect dodge so you can perform a Flurry Rush to get a lot of damage in.
  • If you still have the Lightning Rod, this can be used against the Guardian Scout III to stun it during most of the fight.
  • When reduced to 50% or less health, the Guardian Scout will begin to use its updraft attack.
  • This attack does moderate damage and will knock Link back repeatedly until he is out of the laser's range.
  • The updraft can be used with Link's Paraglider so he can get some aerial archery shots in.
  • When reduced to its final 10% of health, the Guardian Scout III will begin to use its laser volley.
  • Link can move in and rapidly attack the Guardian while the aura has yet to tightly condense around the guardian's eye.
  • When the aura is just around the eye, Link needs to begin evading the attack.
  • Link can avoid most of the lasers by moving in close, with a few yards (meters) of the Guardian and circling it in a singular direction.
  • Defeating the Guardian Scout will cause it to drop a Guardian Spear+, Guardian Sword+ and Ancient Battle Axe+.
  • Ignore the weapons and head to the exit point.

Level 17 - Middle Trials[edit]

  • This is the final floor in the middle trial.
  • Simply listen to the mysterious voice and then head up the stairs.
  • Go to the second landing and interact wit the Master Sword.
  • This will complete the second Trial of the Sword.


Mysterious Voice: To the blade's chosen hero... In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer the Trial of the Sword. You must acquire still more power to wield the true splendor of the Master Sword... You must fortify your mind, body and soul by eradicating all obstacles that appear in this realm. In this illusory realm of sacred mystery, anything can happen... All that you obtain here will be lost upon your return to the reality you know. Chosen hero of the Master Sword... Overcome the Trial of the Sword and claim the blade's true splendor!

Mysterious Voice: To the one chosen by the sacred blade... I command your efforts in this trial. You are now strong enough to wield more of the Master Sword's power than ever before. Courageous hero... chosen by the blade... Take hold of the Master Sword.


According to the Great Deku Tree, the Master Sword's true spledor has to be awakened. To do so, you must conquer the Trial of the Sword.

Challenge the Trial of the Sword by placing the Master Sword in its pedestal.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Stasis and Magnesis can be used to find hidden weapons scattered around the rooms.
  • Woodcutter's Axe can be used to destroy Wooden Crates and barrels with a single swing. This helps keep all items inside together.
  • Use your Sheikah Slate + set to seek out Treasure Chests to find more of the secrets scattered throughout the trial.


Expansion Pass DLC Pack 1[edit]