Link talking to the Yunobo in LoZ: BotW.

Yunobo is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Yunobo is a descendant of the Goron Champion, Daruk. While easily frightened, he is fairly outgoing and friendly to those he meets.

As a descendant of Daruk, he can use the unique skill, Daruk's Protection.




Yunobo: Oh man, oh man, oh man... What am I gonna do? Monsters! They're here! They found me! Help!

Yunobo: Hmm... HMMM... Now that I've gotten a good look... Whoa! It's a Hylian! Were you the one who broke through that crag to rescue me, goro? Thanks, brother! But what brought you all the way out here to begin with?

Link: Lookin' for Yunobo!

Yunobo: Oh! So that's it! Boss told you to come find me! Phew, thank goodness. In any case, I sure am glad you saved me, goro! The name's Yunobo. Everyone calls me... Yunobo. Makes sense, goro. I came to get some painkillers for Boss, but a magma bomb caused a rock slide, sealing the entrance, goro. By the way... How did you break those rocks at the entrance, goro?

Link: With a cannon.

Yunobo: That thing is so difficult to use. I thought only Boss could handle it! Ooops, I nearly forgot! This isn't the time to chat... I need to deliver these painkillers as soon as possible! Sorry, I've gotta run! But do come by and see the Boss later, OK? He may be gruff, but he always repays a favor. I'm sure there's a reward in it for you. OK then! Good-bye for now, goro!

Yunobo: WOW! You're crazy strong, goro! You saved me again!

Yunobo: Thanks for savin' me brother! I would've been in real trouble if you hadn't shown up when you did, goro. *sigh* Still no sign of Boss, eh?

Link: He's not coming.

Yunobo: Huh? Not coming? But why, goro?

Link: His back hurts.

Yunobo: After we went through all that trouble to get them... Well, if Boss can't help, there's nothing else we can do. I suppose I'll just head back now...

Link: Wait a minute...

Yunobo: Huh? You're not goin' back?! But why, goro?

Link: I wanna board Radunia

Yunobo: WHAT?! You're gonna try to board the Divine Beast? Who do you think you are... Lord Daruk? It's dangerous in there, goro! Though I guess if you weakened it first, it might be possible. But... why risk it?! Hmm. Well, I don't really get it, but I'm sure you have your reasons, goro... The problem is... good ol' Boss raised the Bridge of Eldin to make sure that mean Divine Beast couldn't get over here. In order to get where Rudania is, we'll have to find a way to get the Bridge of Eldin back down, goro. Boss would normally use the cannon to power it.... Ugh, we can't get across unless we figure somethin' out! If Boss can't come down here, then he can't use the cannon to lower the bridge. That means we're out of luck, goro! Oh! It occurs to me that YOU know how to use the cannons! Don't you, goro? Maybe we CAN get across after all... So let's just do what I do to help Boss sometimes. That means I'm gonna be the cannonball! And you'll launch me, goro!

Link: Are you sure?

Yunobo: I've got Daruk's Protection, goro! My ancestor's help can't possibly fail me! That means I can smash into anything and it won't hurt me one bit, goro! My ancestor, Daruk, was a big deal, goro. That's what Boss says, so it's just gotta be true! And I can use Daruk's Protection just like Daruk could! That means there's no need to worry, goro! So rest easy, got it? Well, go on then! Take aim at the Bridge of Eldin and fire away, goro! Just, y'know... be kind gentle about it.

Yunobo: We did it... See that, goro... If we put our heads together... anything is possible! That power I got from my ancestor... Daruk's Protection... It really is somethin' else, isn't it? Anyhow, I guess my time as a cannonball isn't over just yet. So let's get a move on and cross that bridge, brother!

Yunobo: Oh... Yikes... a Sentry is always a nuisance, no matter where it is or how many of them there are. If one finds you, Rudania will go nuts, which will cause Death Mountain to erupt, goro. I...always get spotted, and then magma bombs come raining down one after another. If Boss were here, he'd swat those magma bombs awy like they were nothin' and force his way up! I don't think you'd be able to do that, goro. And I don't wanna cause you any trouble. Hmmm... Maybe the best idea is for you to give me a signal to let me know when I should stop and when I can move forward. Let's hurry and decide what the signal will be, goro! Um, got any ideas?

Link: A whistle!

Yunobo: A whistle? That's a great idea, goro! When I hear your whistle, I'll either stop in my tracks or start moving forward! I like it! Even though it's kinda like calling a horse, goro... OK, then. I'm counting on you and your whistles to make sure I'm not spotted by those awful sentries!

Yunobo: We did it, goro! If we can keep this up, we should be able to corner Rudania.

Yunobo: We did it! Direct hit, goro! And thanks to Daruk's Protection, that didn't hurt me one bit, goro! My ancestor cam through for me! If we keep weakening it like this, we should be able to get inside. Don't let up, brother!

Yunobo: That was so cool! You really put a licking on that thing, Link! It's time to finish the job. This is our big chance.