Zora Stone Monuments is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

Zora Stone Monuments is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Jiahto in Zora's Domain




Jiahto wants to compile the Zora history written on stones into a book. He has asked Link to aid him in this task.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Travel to Zora's Domain and talk with Jiahto on the level below the throne.
  • He will ask Link to travel around Zora's Domain and read the 10 monuments that are scattered around the area.
  • Talk with Jiahto if you are having trouble finding any monuments. He will give you a hint to where it is.

History of the Zora, Part Two[edit]

History of the Zora, Part One[edit]

  • Head up to the main road, climbing up the wall to the East.
  • This lead you to Zora's Domain main road. Be careful of the Lizalfos who are on the road and trying to stop you.
  • Be especially careful of these Lizalfos who tend to fight using Shock Arrow.
  • Follow the road to the next bend. Look to the South to find this Stone Monument.

History of the Zora, Part Three[edit]

  • The History of the Zora, Part Three is found to the East of Ralis Pond, along the cliff-face overlooking Ruto Lake.
  • Climb over the ledge and then glide away from it.
  • This will let you easily see the stone monument from a distance at night.
  • Make your way down to the monument and read it.

History of the Zora, Part Four[edit]

  • Make your way to Luto's Crossing and head to the South of it.
  • Climb up the cliff-face to the ledge with a small pond.
  • On that ledge you will find the next Monument.

History of the Zora, Part Five[edit]

  • Head to the Divine Beast Vah Ruta.
  • Travel down the Western side of its slope and jump over the ledge.
  • Use the Paraglider to bring yourself safely down to the river level.
  • Against the mountainside you will find the next stone monument.

History of the Zora, Part Six[edit]

History of the Zora, Addendum 1[edit]

  • Head to the West from the Rutala Dam and get onto the road leading toward Zora's Domain.
  • Follow the road to the the turn on the path. Be wary because there can be a Wizzrobe here that will engage Link.
  • Look to the North to find the Stone Monument sitting in the cliff-face.

History of the Zora, Part Seven[edit]

  • Follow the path toward Ruto Lake following the road going toward Zora's Domain.
  • Look to the Eastern side of the cliff-face.

History of the Zora, Addendum 2[edit]

  • Fast Travel to Zora's Domain.
  • Make your way to the Western side of Ploymus Mountain using the nearby waterfall.
  • Ride it up to Lulu Lake
  • Head to the South from Lulu Lake to find the Stone Monument.

Memoir of a Gifted Stonemason[edit]

  • Travel to Upland Zorana, moving along the Southeastern portion of it, closest to Zora's Domain.
  • Move to the ledge over looking Zora's Domain and jump to glide away from there.
  • Look back toward the cliff-face and make your way Southwest.
  • You will find this final stone monument mid-way up a cliff-face.

Completing the Quest[edit]



Jiahto: Link... It seems that... I was wrong about you. Seeing Divine Beast Vah Ruta's form there... Even though we lost Lady Mipha, it seems she can still help you fight against Calamity Ganon... Oh! I am sorry I did not introduce myself sooner. I am Jiahto. I am a historian who studies Zora history and preserves it for future generations. Even so, this stone monument that King Dorephan supposedly wrote... It's torn to pieces now. Most likely, the 10 stone monuments outside of the domain are in the same awful condition. I'm thinking about collecting the contents of all the stone monuments and compiling them into a book. But with these old legs and fins, traveling to all 10 stone monuments will take a great deal of time. That is why... Link... I'd like to ask a favor of you. I'd like you to find all 10 stone monuments around Zora's Domain and tell me what they say.

Link: OK.

Jiahto: Oh! Thank you! You truly are a lifesaver! How reassuring that the Champion will search for those monuments for me! I ahve it on good authority that among those stone monuments, one has the location of some treasure written on it. If you happen to find said treasure, feel free to keep it. It will most likely be something that a Zora wouldn't need. Yes, you'll find the 10 stone monuments around Zora's Domain... I believe in you. In fact, I'm counting on you!

Jiahto: Link... It would seem you have checked all of the stone monuments for me! Now then, please tell me what was written on them!

Jiahto: Hmm... The history, culture, folklore, and various heroic acts of the proud Zora people... It's all here! Eureka! Thanks to you, I've compiled the precious information from those stone monuments! Link, thank you for taking on such an arduous task! Please, allow me to reward you!


After hearing Jiahto's request, you agreed to search for the stone monuments in the area surrounding Zora's Domain.

Not counting the monument in Zora's Domain, there are 10 to find in total.


You searched the area surrounding Zora's Domain high and low and found all ten stone monuments.

Report your findings to Jiahto.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Zora Stone Monuments Video Walkthrough

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Jiahto will point out any missed stone monuments, giving their approximate location.