Link talking to the Zyle in LoZ: BotW.

Zyle is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Zyle is a traveler who is stranded in Gerudo Canyon.




Zyle: Hey, hey, I sure wasn't expecting to meet anyone out here... Maybe this is just the upturn in luck I needed! Yeah, so yeah, I'm a traveler like you... And I was attacked by monsters in this very canyon. That's when my partner, that's to say, my horse, ran off. And hey, I've been stranded here ever since... Hey, yeah, if I just had a horse, I could continue my travels, and you're a fellow traveler, so I have to ask, right? If, on your travels, you see a horse that would suit me, would you sell it to me for 100, no, 300 rupees?

Link: You got it!

Zyle: Hey, thanks! But don't bring me too big a horse... Won't be able to ride it! No, I need a suitable sized!

Zyle: Ohh! HEY! That horse... It's just like my old partner! Talk about a fine horse... I'll pay you 300 rupees for it, what do say, hey?

Link: I'll sell it!

Zyle: Heyyyyy, really?! You know this is for keeps, right?

Link: It's yours.

Zyle: Hey, yeah, thanks so much! Here's the 300 rupees I promised you as fair payment for this horse!

Zyle: Hey, hey! I'm making this horse I bought from you my new partner! My new best buddy and traveling attendant! So off we go, me and my partner! May we all have good travels!


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