Ranger Epic Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty: World War 2.

Ranger is a Epic Weapon in CoD: WW2.

It is an epic version of the M1903.


Epic M1903

Heavy bolt-action sniper rifle that has the largest one shot kill zone.


Attribute Value
Damage 10
Range 10
Accuracy 4
Fire Rate 1
Capacity 5/25


  • Kills give a 10% Soldier XP Bonus


Attachment Name Description
4X Optic 4X enhanced Zoom.
Ballistic Calibration Reduces Sway
Full Metal Jacket Increase damage through surfaces. Extra damage against streaks.
Extended Mag Magazine Size is Increased.
Rapid Fire Increases weapon fire rate

How to unlock[edit]


Requirement Type
Ruby Loftus Epic Uniform
Bring it on! Rare Emote
Belly Up Rare Emote
Deep Breath Rare Calling Card
Lady Luck Common Pistol
Air and Sea Common Pistol
Admit One Common Calling Card
This is My Rifle Common Calling Card



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

M1903 variants[edit]