The Repair Screen displays the status of the Carrier. It is accessed by selecting REPAIR in the Carrier’s Context Menu

3D Status[edit]

This screen shows a general overview of the Carrier’s status. Individual subsystems may be seen here, and their status is displayed by a change in color. he more damaged a zone is, the more its color shifts from blue to red.

Repair Zone Info[edit]

This screen displays a description of the currently highlighted zone. The top of the screen also provides the status of the Carrier’s fuel tanks. As Carrier fuel (a special universal compound) is used up to repair zones, it is important to keep the tanks supplied.

Detailed Status[edit]

The cards in this screen show the repair priority of each zone. The amount of fuel cells required to repair a zone is displayed on the right side of the card. Priority determines at what Carrier fuel level the zone will be repaired, and can be set up differently for each card.

Fuel capacity required for the zone to start repairing:


A minimum of 75%


Minimum 50% fuel capacity.


Minimum 25% fuel capacity


Always repair.


If a zone is completely destroyed, it takes a while before it starts being repaired

Engine speed is affected by how damaged the engines are

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