These are quests that increase your inventory in Black Desert Online.


Quest Lvl NPC Area Bag Space Comments
Enthusiastic Claus 9 Claus Western Guard Camp +1 Cannot have accepted the quest, "Jarette's Headache".
Jarette's Headache 1 Jarette Western Guard Camp +1 Cannot have accepted the quest, "Enthusiastic Claus".
Requires Gathering > Beginner 4.
Eileen's Request 4 Eileen Velia +1 Cannot have accepted the quest, "A Very Minute Flaw".
Experience of the Ancients 1 Edan Ancient Stone Chamber +2 Prerequisite: "[Awakening] Traces of Edana"
A Very Minute Flaw 1 Sealus Velia +1 Cannot have accepted the quest, "Eileen's Request".
[Co-op] Black Spirit and the Giant Imp 15 Black Spirit Coastal Cliff +1 World Boss: Red Nose.
Crio and Starfish 1 Crio Velia +2 Prerequisite: "Basic Fishing - A Fishing Rod" from Abelin.
Make sure "Fishing Quests" is turned on in Quest Log
Make sure that "Throw away useless items" option is turned off.
Requires catching "Sandfish" rather than "Starfish".
Military Power in Heidel 1 Jordine Heidel City +2 Prerequisite: "Bobby Lauren's Request"
Puia and the Wooden Box Design 1 Puia Heidel City +1 Cannot have accepted the quest, "Techthon and Quality Iron".
Requires Gathering > Beginner 5
Techthon and Quality Iron 18 Techthon Heidel City +1 Cannot have accepted the quest, "Puia and the Wooden Box Design".
[Co-op] Frenzied Altar Imp Captain 19 Black Spirit Northern Plain of Serendia +1 World Boss: Dastard Bheg
Donatt's Will 1 Cheremio Glish +2 Prerequisite: "Surveying the Glish Ruins"
Glazed Naga Oil 21 Selaine Glish +1 Cannot have accepted the quest, "Injured Adventurers...".
Injured Adventurers... 1 Deborah Glish +1 Cannot have accepted the quest, "Glazed Naga Oil".
Requires Gathering > Beginner 2.
[Co-op] Frog on Frog 24 Black Spirit Fogan Marsh +1 World Boss: Titium
[Co-op] Muskan of Madness 27 Black Spirit Southern Mountain Range +1 World Boss: Muskan
[Co-op] Org the Greedy 30 Black Spirit Central Neutral Zone +1 World Boss: Org
[Co-op] Biraghi Den Keeper 32 Black Spirit Northern Neutral Zone +1 World Boss: Biraghi
[Co-op] Kelcas, the Giant Khuruto 33 Black Spirit Old Dandelion +1 World Boss: Kelcas
[Co-op] Tower Offense 36 Black Spirit Bree Tree Ruins +1 World Boss: Bree Tree Ruins Guard Tower
Trent Worker Experience 40 Spotty Troll Trent +1 Requires knowledge on Chopping: Beginner
Calpheon Military Representative 40 Black Spirit Northern Wheat Plantation +1 Prerequisite: Troll Cow Operation
[Co-op] A Big, Smart Guy 40 Black Spirit Gynt Hill +1 World Boss: Black Mane
Gift for Happiness 40 Soon-to-be Bride Calpheon City +1
[Co-op] A Large Living Tree 40 Black Spirit Calpheon Castle Site +1 World Boss: Hebetate Tree Spirit
[Co-op] The Mad Scientist’s Vestiges 42 Black Spirit Marni's Lab +1 World Boss: Mad Scientist's Assistant
[Co-op] A Possessed Giant 45 Black Spirit Primal Giant Post +1 World Boss: Gehaku
[Co-op] The Giant Queen 45 Black Spirit Keplan Hill +1 World Boss: Queen Stoneback Crab
Keplan, Free of Trheats 1 Klam Cessory Keplan +1 Prerequisite: "Get Rid of the Giants"
[Co-op] Saunil Siege Captain 43 Black Spirit Saunil Camp +1 World Boss: Saunil Siege Captain

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Some quests are mutually exclusive, meaning you can choose either one or the other. For example, once you accept "Enthusiastic Claus" from Claus, you cannot also get the quest "Jarette's Headache" from Jarette. Check the "Comments" section in table above to verify whether a quest is mutually exclusive.
  • When completing one of these quests, you get an item in your inventory (such as "Inventory +1 Expansion") which you have to use in order to get the extra slot.
  • Total extra inventory slots available: 31