The Solstice of Heroes Armor in Destiny 2.

Effective Farming Locations[edit]

Collecting Elemental Orbs - 120 Orbs

  • Start the Payback Redux, or Chosen Redux mission
  • You are very likely to complete this using the same element weapon by running through the 5 Redux missions.

Elemental Orbs on Earth - 90 Orbs needed

Elemental Orbs from Strikes - 90

  • Run the Vanguard Strikes, not the Heroic.
  • Be sure the Fireteam Members are all running the same element Subclass (all Void, Arc or Solar).
  • Major Enemies (Yellow Bar) have a high chance of dropping orbs and likely multiples.*

Crucible Kills[edit]

  • Must be in public matches (either quick play or competitive).
  • Mayhem is the best mode for getting Super kills, so use it when available.

Getting Super Kills[edit]

  • Use the Rally Flag for Public Events to travel between 2-3 different locations to quickly recharge your super.
  • Go into the nearby lost sectors occasionally to get some quick kills.
  • When the timer is at less than 30 seconds, save it and wait for the event to start.
  • Mayhem is the best mode for getting Super kills, so use it when available.

Grenade Kills[edit]

  • Use the Nightfall when it has the Grenadier modifier.
  • THis will vastly increase your recharge rate on grenade weapons.
  • Keep to the opening area and use nearby lost sectors to get further kills as needed.

Energy Weapon Kills[edit]

Power Weapon Kills[edit]

  • Use the Engine Room of the Leviathan.
  • You can also use the Rally Flags once again with the nearby Lost Sectors to easily get the kills based on what pieces of gear you are after.