Vanguard Mentor Missive
Exotic Bounty

These are Rare bounties that are only awarded to the most diligent Guardians who serve the Vanguard, Crucible and other Factions asking for help. By completing numerous bounties Guardians can be awarded a Vanguard Mentor Missive. This will allow them to select 1 of the 3 Exotic Weapon Bounties in hopes of attaining the weapon available at the end of the quest chain.

Exotic Weapon Bounties[edit]

Bounty Weapon
A Dubious Task Bad Juju
A Light in the Dark Thorn
A Voice in the Wilderness Super Good Advice
Shattered Memory Fragment Pocket Infinity
Toland's Legacy Invective
*An Unknown Patron Fate of All Fools
  • This Bounty is presently unavailable in-game.


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