Swords are a weapon types in Secret of Mana.


The sword is the first weapon acquired in the game by Randi.


Found at the base of the Waterfall nearby Potos Village.

Upgrade Costs[edit]

Upgrade Level Cost
Lv. 1 0
Lv. 2 200
Lv. 3 400
Lv. 4 800
Lv. 5 1600
Lv. 6 3000
Lv. 7 6500
Lv. 8 12500
Lv. 9 25000



Orb Location
Lv. 2 Defeat Mantis Ant
Lv. 3 Treasure Chest inside Pandora Castle
Lv. 4 Defeat Great Viper
Lv. 5 Treasure Chest inside Northtown Ruins
Lv. 6 Reward from defeating Dark Stalker.
Lv. 7 Treasure Chest inside Tree Palace.
Lv. 8 Defeat Thunder Gigas.
Lv. 9 Mana Sword Spell from Dyrad


  • Be sure to keep the sword at maximum weapon level throughout the game, it is the key weapon in the final boss fight.