Vampire Mistwalker

Vampires are a type of foe (and something the Dragonborn can become) in the world of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Contracting Vampirism[edit]

You must let a Vampire attack you with their drain life spell. There is a 10% chance you will be infected with Sanguinare Vampiris. Initially, this will just reduce the Dragonborn's health by 25 points. Starting at Sunrise after you have contracted the disease, you will get a message that you feel weakened by the sunrise. You can get a similar message at sunset where you are informed of a strange thirst. You have 3 days to cure the disease before it progresses toward Vampirism.

Contracting Vampirism - Dawnguard[edit]

Lord Harkon - You can get infected by Lord Harkon during the Bloodline Quest

Activate the Redwater Den

Serana can infect you either at the end of the Chasing Echoes quest or after the Core Dawnguard storyline.

Soul Size[edit]


Types of Vampires[edit]

Type Level
Vampire Fledgling 1-5
Vampire 6-9
Blooded Vampire 10-19
Vampire Mistwalker 20-27
Vampire Nightstalker 28-37
Ancient Vampire 38-47
Volkihar Vampire 48-59
Nightlord Vampire 60+


  • Vampire Invisibility: All Vampire can turn Invisible for 20 seconds
  • Drain Life - This spell, depending on the Vampire's kill level, can drain Health, Stamina or Magicka. The higher leveled foe, the more things it can drain. Low levels can only get health. Mid-tier can get Health and Stamina. High Tier get all 3.
  • Most Vampires will have a weapon on hand as well.
  • Chill Touch - Ability that creates an ice hazard that deals 10 points of damage to whoever get hits.
  • Raise Zombie - Vampires can animate the nearby corpses for aid.
  • 50% Frost Resistance
  • 50% Fire Weakness

Leveled Abilities[edit]

  • Vampire Touch - (Level 12+ only) A constant ability the bolsters the Vampire's unarmed attack.
  • Raise Corpse - (Level 20+) Raise a stronger dead body
  • Lightning Bolt - (Level 28+) Fire a strong bolt of lightning
  • Revenant - (Level 38+) Raise a high level dead body to fight for 60 seconds
  • Chain Lightning - (Level 48+) A burst of lightning that will jump from target to target


Locations Found In[edit]

Shriekwind Bastion

Fellglow Keep

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