Official DayZ Standalone Server[edit]

OrcZ is sponsoring a 40-slot DayZ Server to help with documenting the game for this wiki. Server features include:

  • 24/7 daytime
  • Plenty of loot (regular restarts)
  • Lots of zombie action
  • 3rd Person Mode ON
  • Anti-cheat

The features above facilitate the documentation for the OrcZ wiki by giving access to a lot of loot, and keeping it in daylight mode for purpose of taking screenshots. Please document items, locations, and other features of the world as you discover them. Or you can just play for fun, loot, and ZOMBIES!

Due to server popularity it might be full sometimes, in that case just wait a little for a slot to become available (might require refreshing the list every few seconds).

Make sure to add the server to your favorites for quicker access!!

Server details:


Port: 2302

To find this server, click on "REMOTE" on top of the server selection screen, and enter the IP address and Port number indicated above, and click "OK"

Big Thanks to everyone contributing to this wiki and we hope the new server will make this even more fun!

Admin Abuse.[edit]

Killed 4 people in the bar on this server, and was then timed out and killed by who I can only assume are the server admins.

Here's the Proof. This was on dayz server.

Are you sure? I'm the server admin and I've never logged into the game as an admin or tried to kill other players (other than as a regular player).

Axton 17:59, 9 May 2014 (EDT)