Multiplayer Options Menu in Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth (Civ:BE)

Multiplayer games of Civilization Beyond Earth (CivBE) Earth let you match your skills directly against those of other players, rather than against just the computer-controlled Al. Multiplayer games can be accessed from the Main Menu, and may be enjoyed over a LAN (Local Area Network) with friends or with players all the way across the globe.


From the main menu, select the “Multiplayer” button to navigate to the Multiplayer games options screen.


From the Multiplayer screen, click on the Local Network game option to browse for available LAN (Local Area Network) games. A list of available local games will populate the browser view==click on any of these games to join. If you don’t see any games (or none you’re interested in) you can click the “Host Game” button to create your own. Click the “Refresh” button to refresh the list of available games at any time.

When you choose to Host a game, you’ll be taken to the Setup Multiplayer Game screen. From here you can set the map type and size and select your game parameters. You can also load a previously saved Multiplayer game (more on that later), or return to the Browser to see the list of available games again. Click on “Start Game” once you’ve finalized your selections.

From here you’ll enter the Staging Room where you can see what leaders everyone has chosen, and whether all the players are ready to begin or not. An AI player will be denoted with the name “AI” whereas a human player will be denoted using his or her alias.

Note that if two or more players attempt to select the same colony Sponsor, the game will change the duplicated leader’s team color to a new one, so as to avoid any possible confusion.

Once all players have clicked “Ready,” the Host may click the button “Launch Game” to start the game.


Internet Multiplayer games are hosted on Steam through the account the player used during the game’s installation.


You can choose to enter the Internet game browser or Host your own game, following the same steps as for a LAN game.


Your Steam friends list is available to you when hosting a Multiplayer Internet game. While in the Staging Room, you can select a friend from the drop down list and invite them directly to any game you’re hosting. They’ll receive a notification via Steam’s Overlay.


You can chat with other players both during the setup process and while in the game. In the Staging Room screen, you can type to all players using the chat window at the bottom of the screen.

During play, you can choose to either chat with all the players or only with a specific one at a time, allowing for private conversations, trades, and alliances to occur. To bring up the chat panel in-game, click on the “Open Chat” button in the right hand corner of the HUD. You can click on the “Close Chat” button once you’re done to hide the pane from view.

Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) is provided through Steam’s Overlay feature, allowing you to talk directly to other players using a microphone.


When hosting a game, you can save your game’s progress and load it at a later date, especially useful for long-running games which can span longer than a day. From within the Setup Multiplayer Game Screen, click the “Load Game” button to browse your list of saved games.

If for any reason you become disconnected while playing a Multiplayer game, the system will try to reconnect you automatically.

If the host of a game leaves (for whatever reason), the game will attempt to migrate the host controls to a different player.


The number of player slots available for a Multiplayer game is limited, by default, by the chosen map size.

For a two-player game, select “Duel.” A “Dwarf ” map allows for four players; “Small” allows six; “Standard,” eight; and “Massive,” eight.

If all the available player slots are not filled for a given map, AI players will take over the missing roles when the game begins. New players that wish to join after the game has begun may select one of these AI colonies to play.

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