Dancing On A Minefield is a Mission in Cyberpunk 2077 (Cyberpunk2077).

Dancing On A Minefield is a Gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


  • Gig Type: Search and Recover
  • Objective: Retrieve the abandoned car from the minefield and deliver it to Dakota
  • Location: Nearest road off Interstate 9

Details: The Badlands are peppered with disarmed minefields from 2071. Though, after several folk were “dislegged” by those “disarmed” mines, most decided to steer clear of these areas. That is, except the smuggling types. A number of their routes run through those fields.

Risky, yes, but brilliant all the same. Why would anyone guard the border when the mines practically do your job for you?

But listen up: a smuggler and his rig got stranded out in the middle of one of those minefields. Maybe his tank went dry, maybe he had a heart attack, or maybe he set out on some vision quest – who knows, doesn’t matter. What’s important is I don’t know the routes these fellas run and now they’re getting dropped in my lap.

Get me his stranded vehicle. I know some nomads who’d pay handsomely for that GPS data.





  • €2320
  • 565 xp
  • 1270 Street Cred

Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ Dancing On A Minefield Video Walkthrough]