Monster Hunt is a Mission in Cyberpunk 2077 (Cyberpunk2077).

Monster Hunt is a Gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


  • Gig Type: Gun for Hire
  • Target: Jotaro Shobo
  • Location: Ho-Oh club on Allen St.
  • Details:

Feel like doing everyone a favor and making eddies doing it? Deal with Jotaro Shobo. Twisted motherfucker like no other.

He's a Tyger Claw and a sadisitc scumbag who's got a thing for scrolling XBDs. Who's to say whether he just gets carried away or (and my money's on this) he gets off on the tortured screams of his victims. Best guess is seventeen murders to his name, but the (in)justice for the street's dead and missing joytoys is notorious.

But the Moxes are different.

Mox netrunners connected a few dots and tracked down Jotaro's studio - Ho-Oh - quaint little club in Kabuki. This area's a no-go for Moxes, which is why they need a helping hand.

Find this fucker Jotaro and tell him his days in the entertainment biz are done.




Video Walkthrough[edit]

Monster Hunt Video Walkthrough