A Cultist Acolyte in Darkest Dungeon

The Cultist Acolyte (also known as "Cultist Witch A") is an enemy (human) in the Darkest Dungeon


Attribute Value
Race Human
HP 12
Defense 12.5%


Status Effect Resist Chance
Stun 25%
Poison 25%
Bleed 25%
Debuff 50%
Move 10%


Name Pic Type Stats
Eldritch Pull (Cultist Pull) x150px Ranged atk 82.5% .dmg 1 1 .crit 10% .effect "Pull 2A" .launch 234 .target 34
Eldritch Push (Cultist Push) DarkestDungeonEldritchPush.jpg Ranged atk 82.5% .dmg 1 1 .crit 10% .effect "Push 2A" .launch 1234 .target 12
Stressful Incantation (Cultist Incantation) DarkestDungeonStressfulIncantation.jpg Ranged atk 82.5% .dmg 1 1 .crit 10% .effect "Stress 2" "Darkness 2" .launch 4321 .target 1234

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The Cultist Acolyte has ranged abilities only
  • The Cultist Acolyte has abilities that can pull or push party members, changing their position and thus the party formation.

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