A list of all the Quirks in Darkest Dungeon

Please add any new ones you find to the table below. Also please add any tips, hints, and comments regarding the specific quirk to the NOTES table.

Quirk Description Notes
ablutomania Obsessed with cleanliness. Hero gains stress when walking past piles of bags in dungeon corridors.
alcoholism In town, will only Drink.
back tracker No stress penalty when walking backwards.
bad gambler Increased chance of losing money while Gambling.
bloodthirsty Fascinated with injury, wounds, and torture.
calm Reduced damage for first two rounds of combat.
claustrophobia Severe fear of enclosed spaces. May involuntarily jump into iron maidens
clotter Stops bleeding really well.
clutch hitter (Health Below: 50%) +3% CRT
compulsive Suffers intense need to do specific actions.
cove scrounger Finds extra stuff in the Cove.
cove survivor Extra survival benefits in the Cove.
curious Obsessed with the acquisition of knowledge. May involuntarily interact with curios like bookshelves
dacnomania Obsessed with killing. Possible decrease to damage
dark temptation Prone to investigating the Dark Arts. May involuntarily interact with dark curios like Mummified Remains ("Eldritch sample")
demonomania Believes is posessed by demons.
deviant tastes Is not allowed to visit the Brothel.
dipsomania Intense craving for alcohol.
diurnal (Light Below: 25) -2 SPD
early riser (Light Above: 75) +2 SPD
egomania Obsessed with self-worship. A character with this Quirk stole items without having kleptomania
enlightened In town, will only Meditate for stress relief.
evasive +5 dodge
faithless Will not Pray or Flagellate for stress relief.
fated Chance to turn any MISS into a HIT
flagellant In town, will only Flagellate for stress relief.
flawed release (Ranged) -3% CRT
fragile -10% Max HP
gambler In town, will only Gamble.
god fearing In town, will only Pray for stress relief. Reynauld, the starting Crusader, has this quirk.
guilty conscience Bears the crushing guilt of deeds real and imagined.
hagiomania Obsessed with sainthood.
hard nogging +15% Stun Resist Dismas, the starting Highwayman, has this quirk.
hatred of beast (Monster type Beast) +15% DMG, +15% Stress Resist
hatred of eldritch (Monster type Eldritch) +15% DMG, +15% Stress Resist
hatred of mankind (Monster type Human) +15% DMG, +15% Stress Resist
hieromania Experiences religious visions and delusions.
hylomania Obsessed with material things.
improved balance Chance to resist being pushed or pulled in battle.
kleptomaniac Prone to stealing items. Reynauld, the starting Crusader, has this quirk.
known cheat Is not allowed to Gamble while in town. Dismas, the starting Highwayman, has this quirk.
last gasp (Health Below: 50%) +1 SPD
leprosy Leprosy...
love interest In town, will only visit the Brothel for stress relief.
lurker Becomes stronger in the dark.
lygophobia (Light Below: 25) -20% Stress Resist
meditator Improved stress reduction while Meditating and while camping.
misses the spot -1% CRT
necromania Fascinated with corpses.
necrophobia Intense fear of dead bodies.
night owl (Light Below: 25) +2 SPD
nymphomania (In Activity: Brothel) +20% Stress Heal
paranormania Obsessed with the paranormal.
photomania (Light Above: 75) +20% Stress Resist
plutomania Manic for money.
quickdraw (First Round) +4 SPD
quick reflexes +2 SPD Dismas, the starting Highwayman, has this quirk.
rabies -10 ACC, +20% DMG
resolution In town, will never Drink.
robust +15% Disease Resist
ruins adventurer ...
ruins master ...
ruins phobe (in Dungeon: Ruins) -20% Stress Resist
ruins tactician ...
steady +10% Stress Resist
sitiomania Obsessed with food.
str quirk new New Quirk!
stress eater (Stress Above: 50) +100% more food consumed
stress faster (Stress Above: 50) -100% more food consumed
syphilis The Great Pox...a sign of indiscretions.
thanatophobia Afraid of meeting an untimely end.
tither Pays extra gold for all Abbey activities.
tuckered out (Health Below: 50%) -10 DMG
unquiet mind May not Meditate while in town.
warren explorer ...
warren master ...
warren phobe (In Dungeon: Warrens) -20% Stress Resist
warren survivor Extra survival benefits in the Warrens.
warrior of light (Light above: 75) +10% DMG Reynauld, the starting Crusader, has this quirk.
wasting sickness Life drains with each step...
weald adventurer (in dungeon weald) +20% stress resist
weald master ...
weald scrounger (in dungeon weald) +10% scouting chance
weald survivor ...
weald tactician (in dungeon weald) +15% DMG
witness After seeing troubling behavior, will not take part in Prayer activity in town.
zoophobia Afraid of beasts. More stress from beasts?

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