DayZ Standalone

These are the basic setup instructions for the game DayZ Standalone (DZSA):

Video Options[edit]

When you run the game for the first time, the auto-detect function will determine the best video settings for your hardware. Some video settings, such as view distance, will vary among servers. To adjust your video settings, head into the Video Option menu by clicking on the Video button in the Main Menu.

Here you can change:

• Screen resolution

• Screen aspect ratio

• Brightness

• Gamma

• Enable/disable Vertical synchronization

For more detailed settings click one of these buttons:

• User Interface here you can change the settings for the in-game – user interface

• Textures here you can change your texture quality –

• Quality - here you can change the quality of terrain, objects, shadows and clouds

• Rendering here you can change the quality of various post-processes

Control Options[edit]

Here you can set your mouse sensitivity, smoothing and acceleration and change the default key bindings.

Key bindings presets:

• DayZ default control scheme.

• Arma 2 The 'classic' Arma 2 controls as you know them from the DayZ mod. This will be disabled in the future version in favor of the default DayZ key layout as new functionality gets implemented in future updates

Gameplay options[edit]

Additional gameplay-related settings like head bobbing are available here. Once the game gets localized, language settings will be available here.

Audio options[edit]

You can adjust volume of both for audio output and input here