DayZ Standalone Early Access Warning

These are the Early Access Warnings for the game DayZ Standalone (DZSA):

From the Manual[edit]

DayZ Early Access is not a final product and will be updated frequently with new features and functionality. Players may lose some or all of the in-game commodities and progress due to updates.

This document will be updated with each update of DayZ that will bring new features or functionality available to the players. Information in the current version of document are always only relevant for the current version of the game.

From the Loading Screen[edit]

Thank you for participating in the DayZ Early Access! This game is in Alpha, and will be so for some time. This means you will experience bugs, unfinished features, problematic design decision, and many more things that disrupt your game experience. We will be working with the community to fix these, to help us please visit for development information.

Above all, please understand this game is not finished, and is a work in progress.

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