Bear Creek Hot Springs Ambush Camp in Days Gone (DaysGone).

Bear Creek Hot Springs Ambush Camp is a Camp in Days Gone.



Walkthrough - Clearing Camp[edit]

  • This clear was done with an aggressive approach, drawing most of the enemies to Deacon.
  • Start by approaching from the Southern side of the Ambush Camp, stopping at least 150 meters outside the camp on your bike and walking in, favoring the Northern section to be in the cover of the rocks.
  • Move carefully to the North, up the path between the rocks.
  • Take a moment at the first flat section with a large rock to the North to move toward the ledge's edge and start looking out over the area to spot as many of the 15 Marauders as possible.
  • Move up to the next opening between the rocks to the North to see another Sniper.
  • If possible, throw a rock to the left of this Sniper to distract them, giving you a later chance to sneak through a passage.
  • After that, continue to the North, moving through the tall grass toward the top of this slope.
  • At the top of the slope, you can see a fallen tree with barbed wire coiled around its truck.
  • Head toward this opening, crouch and slip through.
  • Continue over to the West from there, standing to moving through the suspended Swarmers.
  • Likely the last of these corpses will attack you, so fight it off and kill it.
  • Continue to the West, crouching to get under the section barbed tree.
  • Sneak to the West across the bridge to reach the camp itself.
  • Watch the Marauder closest to the bridge and wait for them to move over to the barricaded area just to the South of the bridge.
  • Get across the bridge and kill them.
  • Next, go to the West and take cover behind the edge of this barricade.
  • Aim carefully and take out the Marauder leaning against the nearby tree with your Sidearm or another gun (unsilenced).
  • This will alert most of the Marauders in the camp who will move toward your location and start firing on you.
  • Alternate between attacking at range and taking cover to restore health or reload.
  • Loot a rifle if possible from the bodies and use that to attack at greater range.
  • You can easily wait for more of the Marauders to approach your location, allowing you to get them with melee weapons or your side arm.
  • As needed, head to the West, across the path to the next rock barricade in the middle of it.
  • With the count lower, it is safer to be more aggressive toward the enemies.
  • Move down the slope toward the house, watching for any Marauders who have taken cover inside.
  • From there, start to the South, moving down the slope.
  • Likely 2 more Marauders will be attacking from there.
  • From the house, go to the South, toward one of the Hotsprings, and then turn to the West to begin searching for the final marauders.
  • Just to the West of the Hotspring there is a good chance of spotting one of the Marauders.
  • Eliminate them them and then stay on that side.
  • Continue to the South, toward the edge of the camp, where you can see the parking lot.
  • Look along this section of the area to find the final marauder in a barricaded position close to the base of the slope.
  • Move in and eliminate them with a Stealth Takedown.

Walkthrough - Finding the Bunker[edit]

  • From this lower barricade by the stream separating the park from the parking lot in the Southern section, turn to the Northwest.
  • Start making your way back up the slope along the Western side.
  • Go up the stairs in this section and then keep moving toward the Western rockface.
  • Look along the ground as you head North to find the Bunker entrance.
  • You can also follow the path to the North, looking for 2 low walls.
  • Turn to the West and head between them.
  • Go just past the broken tree trunk and look on the ground to find the Bunker entrance.
  • Climb down into the bunker.
  • Inside the Bunker, head to the East, to the table you can see with a desk lamp on it.
  • Interact with the table to get the crafting recipe and a few markers added to your map.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Bear Creek Hot Springs Ambush Camp Video Walkthrough