Clear Out Those Nests is a Mission in Days Gone (DaysGone).

Clear Out Those Nests is a Story Mission in Days Gone.


”Clear the infestation zone at the High Desert Logging Camp.”


  • Make your way to the Southeast from the safehouse with Boozer to reach the High Desert Logging Camp.
  • Once there, it is time to start hunting for the 6 Freaker Nests that are hidden throughout the area.
  • Most are found within the warehouse in the Eastern section of the camp, while the rest are in the buildings to the Southern side of the area.
  • Head to the Southern portion of the area to begin with the more remote Nests.
  • Going South, you can see a large building in front of you in the middle.
  • Just past the pile of logs you can see a building that has a nest.
  • Equip a Molotov and lob it into the nest.
  • Quickly equip a weapon and start blasting them away.
  • Continue around the building to the South.
  • You can find a shack with a Machete and more in the adjacent building.
  • Turn back to the North and return to the Warehouse.
  • Climb up the stairs and look to the right.
  • In the doorway to the right, you can see a Nest.
  • Lob a Molotov into the Nest and start gunning, bashing or slashing your way through the Swarmers that emerge.
  • Head down the stairs and go into the building now.
  • There are 3 easily visible nests on the ground level, one to the Northeast and two to the South from the door.
  • Turn to the Northeast and lob a Molotov into the Nest.
  • Eliminate the Swarmers that emerge from the Nest.
  • Turn to the Southern nests now.
  • Start with the Nest just inside the building, at the base of the stairs to the South from the door you entered through.
  • Clear out the Swarmers that come after you.
  • Go up the stairs that the nest was blocking.
  • Look to the South and lob a Molotov into the far Southern nest.
  • The Swarmers will emerge and come after you, but you will have a lot of time to eliminate them.
  • Head out of the warehouse using the Southeastern door to get back outside.
  • Going to the South, toward the shack and building just beyond the concrete barriers.
  • Go to the building just past the shack and look at the back window to see the final nest.
  • Look into the house using the Northern door to line up a throw with a Molotov.


  • 3,000 XP
  • 550 Credits

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Video Walkthrough[edit]

Clear Out Those Nests Video Walkthrough