Clear the camp is an objective in Days Gone (DaysGone).

Clear the camp is an objective in the Side Mission, A Score To Settle in Days Gone


  • Move up the slope toward the camp itself while the sniper is looking away from the road, going up against the rock face to the East.
  • There are 2 ways to clear out this camp, the first is for Deacon to do and the second is to use nearby mini-horde with enough noise.
  • Before that, head to the Southwest, around the large rock to find a makeshift stand with a generator and a Rest in Peace Sermon playing.
  • Interact with it to disable the noise and get the sermon as a collectible.
  • If spotted, know the more noise is made, the more likely the nearby horde will make its way over to this location.
  • When spotted, start running up the slope to the South and then East.
  • This will bring you the Ripper Camp itself where most of the 8 Rippers can be found.
  • Either fight through, or if the horde is descending, hide behind the log barriers by the tents at the top of the area.
  • Give things a minute and then head over to the West, toward the large rock face in that direction.
  • If needed, search around for any survivors, but if the mini-horde is in place, then simply wait.
  • With the Mini-Horde around, there is a chance they will flock to the loud speaker, even if it has been disabled.
  • Use explosives or a few Molotovs from the closest perch on the nearby rock face to burn them out and collect all the ears.