Crazy Willie's Infestation in Days Gone (DaysGone).

Crazy Willie's Infestation is a Location in Days Gone.



Nest Locations[edit]


  • Time to clear this truck stop of the Freakers so you can have another Fast Travel route.
  • Begin by approaching from the Eastern side, the same way you initially approached the location during You've Got A Death Wish.
  • Head toward the trailer bed by the first portion of the stop, being wary of 2 Swarmers that are likely to emerge and attack you.
  • Defeat them then equip the Molotov to throw and start burning up the Nest.
  • Burn out the nest, equipping your weapon of choice to quickly deal with the 4 Swarmers that will emerge for this location.
  • Be sure to investigate the remains of the nest for some Nest Residue.
  • With the residue collected, continue West to the truck trailer.
  • Go to the end of the trailer and look into it to find another nest.
  • Burn it out, dealing with the emerging Swarmers.
  • Once again, head into the trailer to collect the Nest Residue and open the ammo chest in the far back of the trailer.
  • Continue to the West and approach the front of the motel itself.
  • Just below the tepee, on the right-hand side of the entrance of the motel's parking lot, to find the Nest.
  • Before burning the nest, head into the parking lot of the motel.
  • Look to the East where you can find 2 nests.
  • Throw a Molotov into each Nest one at a time.
  • Finally, turn to the South to see the final Nest.
  • Deal with any Swamers that come out of the Nest.
  • After that, throw the Molotov into the Nest and eliminate the emerging Swarmers.


  • 1,200 Credits