Enter the CCC Campus is an objective in Days Gone (DaysGone).

Enter the CCC Campus is an objective in the Story Mission, So many of them in Days Gone


  • Head up the slope in front of you to the fence.
  • Simply approach the fence and interact with it.
  • You will hear Sarah ask Deacon to lift her up the fence.
  • She will knock over a crate that will let you climb up the fence.
  • Follow her over to the Northeast.
  • After that, head up the stairs nearby toward the campus building.
  • This will trigger a cutscene and then it is time to keep exploring the area.
  • Head to the West along the outside of the building.
  • Go to the next building to the West.
  • After that, go to the nearby door.
  • Interact with the door to break inside.
  • Go across the store to the bookshelf blocking the door.
  • This will bring you to the first small horde that you will encounter just outside this store.