Get to your bike is an objective in Days Gone (DaysGone).

Get to your bike is an objective in the Story Mission, What Have They Done in Days Gone


  • With Lisa free, it is time to start making your way back through the caves and return to the Bike by the Visitor Center.
  • Follow Lisa to have an easier time of navigating through the area to the West.
  • As you reach the rocks with the pair of trees on the left, you should duck over to the left.
  • A group of 4 Rippers will start to move in on your location.
  • You need to have cover else they will very quickly kill you since most of them have guns.
  • From this intersection, head to the Southeast, past the tree and over the ledge.
  • Once again, more Rippers will be waiting in ambush.
  • These are by the mouth of the cave you are heading toward in that direction.
  • This time it is only a pair of Rippers that blocking the entrance.
  • Move in and take them down with your Sidearm.
  • Follow the path in front of you to the South.
  • Look for the ledge to the West and climb up onto it with Lisa.
  • Having climbed up the ledges, drop down on the other side and turn to the South.
  • You will see your bike and a few Rippers guarding it.
  • Move in and quickly kill them.