Kill the Breaker is an objective in Days Gone (DaysGone).

Kill the Breaker is an objective in the Story Mission, Playing All Night in Days Gone


  • This is your first encounter with a Breaker.
  • Be wary of the numerous Newts that fill the area.
  • The Breaker is your primary focus here and none of the Newts will likely attack.
  • The Breaker is the biggest of the Freaks that you have encounter to this point.
  • It can climb over the same ledges that Deacon can, but it is too bulky to fit through the narrow openings found in a few spots in the area.
  • This can be useful to get a bit of breathing room and some time to heal.
  • It has increased vulnerability after it has been hit by fire attacks like the Molotov.
  • The Breaker is fairly fast as well, so you will need to keep on the move throughout the encounter.
  • Start by pulling out your binoculars and marking the Breaker.
  • This makes it much easier to track, making it easy to avoid its rush tactics and just help you fight against it.
  • You can find Kerosene, Beer Bottles and Rags scattered throughout this arena to make more Molotovs.
  • Be sure to take advantage of all of the Explosive containers that are scattered to do some heavy damage to the Breaker.
  • This is a big area as well, attempt to stay in stealth as much as possible against this Breaker.
  • There are a number of Bear Traps scattered around that can be picked up, armed, and placed.
  • Luring the Breaker into any of these will let you get some big damage on it with most weapons and allow you to quickly throw a Molotov to boost the damage.
  • Stay on the move and use longer range weapons once you start engaging since the Breaker has very powerful melee attacks.
  • If you need to get away from the Breaker, it is recommended to use a Stamina Cocktail to keep the running possible and break away from it.