Knock Roach Off His Bike is an objective in Days Gone (DaysGone).

Knock Roach Off His Bike is an objective in the Story Mission, The Rest Of Our Drugs in Days Gone


  • Run back to your bike and immediately gun it to the North, taking off down the trail you see Roach driving on.
  • Follow the trail, keeping heavy on the throttle to keep up with Roach.
  • As you get past the first flat portion, another Biker will come up to protect Roach.
  • Switch Targets with L1 and quickly shoot their bike (likely 2 bullets will be enough).
  • Take down the other Bike if they are attacking you.
  • Aside from there, keep pace with Roach as he drives on.
  • Always wait for the targeting reticle to be small whenever possible.
  • Remember that rapid firing will quickly increase the side of the reticle.