Chasing Leon is a Mission in Days Gone (DaysGone).

Chasing Leon is a Side Mission in Days Gone.


”Burn Alvarez's Corpse.”

"I made it back up to where Leon killed Alvarez, burned her body. That's the only way to keep the Freaks from getting at her. We learned early on that you can't bury a corpse deep enough. The Freaks will just dig them up. Leon's corpse? Let the Freaks have him."


  • Make your way to the North and reach Pioneer Cemetery.
  • This is an infestation site, so move carefully about to work with more stealth to avoid getting swarmed.
  • In front of the cemetery, you can find the statue in the parking area.
  • On one side you will find the body of Alvarez.
  • Equip a Molotov and throw it onto her body.
  • Just wait for the fire to burn things up to complete this.


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Video Walkthrough[edit]

Out of Nowhere (She Rode With Us) Video Walkthrough