Sneak into the camp is an objective in Days Gone (DaysGone).

Sneak into the camp is an objective in the Story Mission, Not Gonna Kill Anyone in Days Gone


  • Continue to the North, just to the left of the small fire brazier nearby.
  • Climb up onto the nearby ledge there.
  • Watch the nearby guards, waiting for them to away.
  • From there, start on your path to the East, carefully.
  • Move slowly from one path of bushes to the next, watching the nearby guards carefully.
  • The closest ones will eventually take a seat on a bench.
  • Sneak past behind them and keep going to the East, staying off the path.
  • Just past them, go into the bushes nearby the path, where you can see another pair of guards talking.
  • Sneak across the path here to the North and go into the nearby bushes.
  • Move to the North, where you will hear Skizzo and Iron Mike talking.
  • Sneak behind them, keeping in the bushes as you go to the North for now.
  • Get across the next path and then start making your way to the East again from there.
  • Keep moving to the Northeast, going up the nearby slope to stay out of sight and in the bushes.
  • Move to the East and then head slightly down the slope to take cover behind the nearby rock.
  • Sneak carefully around here to the Eastern side.
  • Move toward the nearby building slowly after that.
  • Sneak between the building and dumpster to stay out of sight.
  • Now, carefully resume your course to the East.
  • Move slowly and carefully through the bushes here to the East to reach the porch the of the medical building.
  • Turn the corner and go to the double doors.
  • Approach the doors and interact with them to have Deacon break in.


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