We've All Done Things is a Mission in Days Gone (DaysGone).

We've All Done Things is a Story Mission in Days Gone.


”Skizzo's a wannabe, but I'll give him this: his heart's in the right place. He does seem to care about the camp. He takes his job seriously and he'll fight for what he believes. Even if Iron Mike says he's wrong. But that don't mean I have to like the sonofabitch.” - Keep Your Friends Close

”I like the old bastard, but I never understood him. Wht would he take us back in, me and Boozer, after everything that happened? You know damn well that Copeland wouldn't have, or Tucker. I guess I'm lucky that Iron Mike is the sort of man who listens to people liek Rikki, who trusts too much, and not a man like Skizzo, who trusts too little..” - We've All Done Things

”Addy said that if Iron Mike lets is stay, Boozer will have a chance. But that they don't have enough antibiotics. If anyone can save Boozer's life, it's Addy. I've seen her pull off some amazing shit before.” - It's All We've Got

”Look, I have no idea why Rikki thought we were here to stay, me and Boozer, why she thought I'd want to ride for Iron Mike. But she went to bat for me when she didn't have to. So I owe her. Somehow, I always end up owing her.” - Someone That I Used To Know

”Iron Mike will let Boozer stay at the Lost Lake Camp so long as I do runs for him. I'll do whatever it takes, even if it means I have to work with Skizzo.” - Earning Our Keep

”That didn't go like I planned but Rikki helped me bring Boozer into the camp. Addy says he has a chance, if Iron Mike lets us stay. Mike's a decent man. He's not going to kick us out, not with a life at stake. I can work enough for both of us. So long as I can keep from killing Skizzo, we're good.” - He's My Brother



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