You Got a Death Wish is an objective in Days Gone (DaysGone).

You Got a Death Wish is an objective in the Story Mission, He's My Brother in Days Gone


Search for a fuelpump at the Crazy Willie's Truck Stop.


    • Stealth is highly encouraged at this location.
  • Boozer and Deacon come up with a quick plan to lure away a number of the Freakers that are all over Crazy Willie's Truck Stop.
  • Once Boozer has driven by, move toward Willie's from the West, this will scare off some of the nearby Newts that are in the area.
  • Climb onto the trailer bed to find a 2x4 that you can use for melee attacks.
  • Keep to the Northern side of the road and you will be able to search this area for salvage.
  • Head along the Northern side of the property when you are ready to move on.
  • Crouch and sneak toward the Freaker eating something and get them with a sneak attack using Triangle.
  • Start to the West after that, sneaking along the grass line.
  • Once again, you can see a police car you can pop the trunk of to get more ammo.
  • Sneak through the grass along the trail leading down the slope.
  • Close to the bottom of this slope is another eating Freaker you will want to get with a stealth attack.
  • Slip into the building just past the car to the West from them using the broken window nearby the chainlink fence.
  • Just inside the building, you arrive in the bathroom with a Bandage sitting on a nearby counter (if you need more).
  • Turn left (to the South) and start making your way West through the house.
  • Along the Southern wall is a dress with a Wooden Baseball Bat on it that you can use.
  • Now you can either head out the Western window through the adjacent bathroom or go back 1 room and exit through the Northern Window (recommended for items).
  • Taking the Northern window keeps Deacon out of sight from most of the zombies.
  • Outside this window is another Freaker you will want to eliminate with a Stealth Attack.
  • Continue crouching and sneaking your way to the West.
  • Slip back into the building and exit it using the Western window.
  • Keep heading to the West, staying away from the parking lot and most of the zombies by hiding behind the fence.
  • Reach the next fence and sneak a little to the South, taking out another zombie with a Stealth Attack.
  • Turn back to the West and continue down the slope.
  • Head to the Northwest at the base of the slope and into the barn there.
  • Go to the West through the barn, collecting any useful items from there.
  • You can find Kerosene and Rags around here.
  • Be sure to open the hood of the car in the Eastern part of the garage for a potential Suppressor.
  • Go to the Northwestern door and get it open, stepping back outside.
  • Head to the North and go through the break in the fence.
  • Look just to the left to find a Crowberry that you can take a cutting of.
  • Start to the South, toward the building.
  • There is a blue car you can pop the trunk of, just be wary that there is a Newt inside it that will immediately grapple Deacon.
  • Climb up onto the shed there and use that to reach the rooftop of the garage.
  • Head to the Southeast from there, toward the opening you can see in the rooftop.
  • After you land, be on guard for another Newt that will slip out of the ceiling to hunt you.
  • Kill them with a few melee attacks.
  • Search the shelving to the North to find some more Scrap.
  • Continue to the Northwest from there to get into the garage of the truck stop itself.
  • Search around the shelving to find more Rags and Scrap.
  • Pop the hood of the truck inside the garage and then go to the Southeastern corner to find a Motorcycle.
  • Interact with the motorcycle to claim the fuel pump you need from inside it.
  • While Deacon talks with Boozer, is sounds like he is in trouble and nearby.
  • Head back to where you entered this building and go through the Southern door.
  • Start running to the East and go up the nearby hill.
  • Approaching where Boozer is, you will trigger a cutscene revealing the Rippers.
  • Sneak up or just rush them and blast all 3 away with the Shotgun.
  • Approach Boozer to trigger the next cutscene.

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You Got a Death Wish - He's My Brother Video Walkthrough