Escape the USM Valor is an objective in Dead Space (2023) (DeadSpace).

Escape the USM Valor is an Objective in the Chapter, Dead on Arrival in Dead Space


  • Start running from where you collected the Singularity Core.
  • Run forward and turn to the right when you reach the corridor.
  • Run to the Save Station and head over to the right.
  • Get into the cargo lift and ride it down.
  • Immediately run forward and into Mess Hall.
  • Inside the Hall, just run for the back left.
  • There are a few Twitchers in this room.
  • Just run through and open the door leading toward the Barracks.
  • Get to the far end of this short corridor.
  • Smash the fuse to unlock the nearby door.
  • Run through the door and you can either take the first door on the right or run toward the end of the corridor.
  • A one-legged person will close the door in front of you though, then you'll need to turn around and head through the door into the door into the Barracks.
  • Go forward and go over to the left at the next corner (and you can find a 100 Credits on the small shelf in front of you).
  • Go and turn to the left and then right as you reach the next corner.
  • Be very careful reaching the next corner nearby the lockers because of the electrified floor panel.
  • Weave to the front and reach the Airlock.
  • Once inside the Airlock go over to the right and rush for the doors there to escape the USM Valor.