Use mouse buttons to shoot and zoom in Defiance

These are the default key bindings for the game Defiance

Movement and General[edit]

Command Key
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Sprint Lshift
Crouch C
Jump Space Bar
Use EGO ability 1
Inventory I
Use Object, Mount/Dismount vehicle E
Call Vehicle V
Quit Game CTRL Q

Vehicle Controls[edit]

Command Key
Throttle W
Steer Left A
Steer Right D
Brake S
Hand Brake Space
Boost Lshift
Horn LMB
Camera Look Mouse


Command Key
Shoot LMB
Use STD ability 1
Throw Grenade G
Melee Hit F
Swap Weapon Q
Primary Weapon 2
Secondary Weapon 3
Reload R
Context Sensitive E
Roll/Evade Alt
Camera Look Mouse
Command Key
Chat Enter
Quick Menu ctrl
Quick Chat Z
Chat Channels X
Social F8
Clan U
Friends O
Open Loadout Screen/Character L
Open EGO Grid K
Map/Intel M
Co-op N
Pursuits J
Settings F6
Matchmaking F7
Defiance Store P

How to change your PC keyboard Controls on Defiance[edit]

1) Click F6 to go to the "Settings" Menu and then click the mouse icon to go to "Controls"

2) Turn on Controls Remapping and you can choose the new controls. Controls are divided by categories - Combat, Vehicle, and Menus. Click on each category to view and change the keyboard controls there.

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