This page has all the locations of the Data Recorders in Mt Tam in the game Defiance

Data Recorder Locations[edit]

Pursuit Area Name Location Map Reference Associated Mission (M=Main, S=Side) Hint
Mount Tam My Name is Ara Serenity Acadamy West of the Bloodbath Gorge area The Tranquil Surface, Part 4 (S) Ruined building
Mount Tam Gut Check Muir Gate End of the road NE Tranquility Road Fast Travel Chaos Reigns (M) Tunnel entrance
Mount Tam The Conspiracy Radio Power NE of KTAM Radio Station The Tranquil Surface, Part 3 (S); Maintaining the Line (S) In one of the ruined buildings
Mount Tam The Assassination of Toruku Serenity Power Between the vendors and Bloodbath Gorge All Roads Lead to Bloodbath (M) In the ruined building




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