This page will gather any promo codes for the game Defiance

Promo codes are universal and award items and other bonuses.

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Friday, April 5 new promo code posted (for PC): 6YH6-N26K-W2N6-PKTM-R99J

Redeem Instructions[edit]

Redeem codes in Trion Account Management

(Note: These are not Arkfall Codes and cannot be redeemed in "My Ego")

Items awarded by these codes can generally be redeemed at the Defiance Store under "Claim Items"

Defiance Promo Code List[edit]

Date Added (MM/DD/YY) Code Platform(s) Source Reward Expiration
04/05/13 6YH6-N26K-W2N6-PKTM-R99fJ PC Only Defiance Comcast Xfinity Promo Xfinityvehiclespeedskillip.jpg Expired

Fuck u hoe ur on ur own

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