This page has all the locations of the Data Recorders in San Francisco in the game Defiance

Data Recorders in San Francisco[edit]

Pursuit Area Name Location Map Reference Associated Mission (M=Main, S=Side) Hint
San Francisco Amelio Rodriguez Bathhouse 452m W-NW of TT: Wasteland Circuit Near Sea Wall, North corner
San Francisco Casti Male - Doe, John Zhena Array 776m SW of TT: Communications Breakdown Behind the building on the hill
San Francisco Subject HM38 Shebo Lab 285m S of Overpass At the end of the building
San Francisco The Beginning of the End Mutant District 712m S-SE of Overpass 2nd floor in a corner
San Francisco EMC Occupation Dogpatch South East of Rampage: SMASH!!! Southern most white house on the street in Dogpatch, 2nd floor
San Francisco Defiance in the Face of Death Chinatown 400m W of Merchant in NE San Francisco It's Chinatown (S) In one of the ruined buildings. 2nd floor, by a window and support beam
San Francisco Rumors of Utopia (Small street with half-buried houses and a street car) 245m E of TT: Wasteland Circuit House furthest North




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