This page has all the locations of the Data Recorders in Sausalito in the game Defiance

Data Recorder Locations[edit]

Pursuit Area Name Location Map Reference Associated Mission (M=Main, S=Side) Hint
Sausalito Meeting With Ms. Ducar Cronkhite Bunker 100m SE Hotshot: Sharpshooter Seize the Day, Control the Future (M) Fenced area
Sausalito Bovisuida In Sausalito Verdant Ridge 200m SE of Time Trial: Ridgeline Racer Barn
Sausalito Pertohol In Sausalito Diablo Station 210m E of Time Trial: Barnstorming Danger at Diablo (-) SW building
Sausalito The Day After Defiance Headlands Transit Depot (FT) SE headland of the little bay Old Friends, Old Swords (M) Torc's Garage
Sausalito Charge Blade To The Gut Miwok Ranch 250m SW of Time Trial: Miwok Hills Barn
Sausalito Raiders Don't Do Business Cronkhite Post ~500m SW of Time Trial: Barnstorming on peninsula with vendors Cut Off the Head (M) Behind large tower on ground
Sausalito New World Thugs Miwok Ranch 250m SW of Time Trial: Miwok Hills Barn




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