The Quest Step A Battle for Glory in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

“What do a Warlock, a Hunter, and a Titan all have in common? They can be beaten, and their glory can be taken. Don't let it happen to you.” - Lord Shaxx

“A Battle for Glory” is a Step in the Quest Glory and the Taking Of It in Destiny: Rise of Iron


Enter the Crucible and take the glory of your opponents in the Supremacy match type.

  • Objectives
    • Match Completes: 0/10
    • Kill Credits: 0/50
    • Crests Denied: 0/25

You will need to play a minimum of 10 Crucible matches in Supremacy mode. This can be found in the Crucible menu of the Directory.

For kill credits, you will need to get kills (not assists) on at least 50 Guardians.

For Crests Denied, you will need to retrieve the Crest that are dropped by your fallen team mates. It is possible for you to collect your own Crests and have it count for this objective.

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