The Bounty A Hunt for Glory in Destiny.

“Every Guardian has a Crest. That crest speaks of their skill. Its speak to the proud linage of their class. It represents their glory. So take it, and protect your own.” - Lord Shaxx


Destiny: Rise of Iron

Play Mode[edit]



  • Match Complete: 0/7
  • Primary Kills: 0/50
  • Kill Credits: 0/30
  • Crests Denies: 0/20




A singular bounty offered by Lord Shaxx that can be completed.

Completing the matches is simply playing each match you begin through to completion.

Kills in these matches can help count toward the other objectives within the bounty easily. The Primary Kills will fill simply as you defeat other Guardians using your primary weapon. After that, you will need to be credited with 50 kills. These 50 kills can easily stack with the Primary kills but will also count kills with your Special and Heavy weapons as well.

Crests denied refers to specifically picking up Crests that your team has dropped.

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