Aksis the Archon Prime in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

“Aksis the Archon Prime” is the Leader of the Devilsplicers.


  • SIVA Swarm
  • Corrupted Gun


Aksis the Archon Prime is the Fallen Amalgam of Flesh and Machine with his massive enhancements thanks to SIVA.

Team Set up[edit]

Titans who are running Defender should change from Blessing of Light to Weapons of Light. If you were using close range weapons (like Shotguns), change up to a Sniper Rifle. Swords can still be useful here for this final encounter.

Be sure to change your jump abilities to something with a lot of Horizontal movement. There are going to be times where distance is more important than anything in order to survive.

Also, there are 4 platforms behind the spawn point in this arena. Take a little time and number them. Going left to right, it is easy to just go from 1 to 4. This will help the team quickly coordinate to get to the same platform as fast as possible when it is time during the boss fight.

Defeat Aksis - Wrath of the Machine

Killing Aksis[edit]

It is now time for the final Boss fight. Be ready because this is just as complex as what you were just doing. It is recommended to take a short break before you begin this encounter.

Once again, the team needs to break into pairs and work mostly the same as you were just doing. The start of this has changed some though.

Before all of that, you will need to deal with a wave of Shanks: Repeater, Tracer and Splicer Shanks.

Defeat Aksis - Wrath of the Machine

After a while of destroying Shanks, Aksis will teleport to the left-hand side and then the right-hand side. In both cases he will be launching a number of attacks. One of them is a trio of blasts, the other is a more concussive blast with knock back. The final attack is a SIVA swarm that will do damage to any Guardian within it. When Aksis does, feel free to pull back toward the steps to get out of range. it is more important to stay alive.

Defeat Aksis - Wrath of the Machine

After Aksis has teleported away from the sides and returns to the center, some of the guardians will get the status Empowered from a SIVA exposure to the Guardian's light. This will be granted to 3 of the 6 Fireteam members. Those who are empowered need to call it out to the lane they are in. There will need to be an Empowered Guardian in each of the 3 lanes.

Defeat Aksis - Wrath of the Machine

Now, things go something like the previous fight. The Empowered Guardian is locked in position and should be the one to grab the SIVA Clusters. The other will be the one to grab the Elemental Cannons that drop. There will be an elemental Captain (Shock, Scorch or Null) which appears in the lane followed by a corresponding Servitor in a different part of the arena.

Defeat Aksis - Wrath of the Machine

Once the Servitors are destroyed, they will drop the SIVA Charge. The Empowered Guardians need to pick it up and then throw the Charge at Aksis directly. Once again, coordinate the throw with a count-down. The other Guardian in the lane, on the sides, needs to head for the safety marking toward the inside of the arena. This will give them a great view of the area and allow them to his Aksis with fair safety during the next part. After the Empowered has thrown the SIVA charge, they should head there as well. For those in the middle, stand a bit back, closer to where you dropped in/respawn.

Defeat Aksis - Wrath of the Machine

Once the shield is down, you move onto the final step to actually hurt Aksis. He will teleport to one of four locations around the map. In the back portion on the sides you will find two of the teleports. He can also teleport to the pit in the lower part of the arena, the pit. The final one is by the spawn point. This is why you want an Empowered Guardian in each line. They will be able to quickly reach Aksis. If you take too long to reach and stun Aksis with the Empowerment, he will loose a massive SIVA swarm.

Aksis Teleport Left - Wrath of the Machine Aksis Teleport Spawn - Wrath of the Machine
Aksis Teleport Right - Wrath of the Machine Aksis Teleport Pit - Wrath of the Machine

One of the Empowered Guardians needs to rush the stunned Aksis and jump on his back. Once there, they will have a prompt to loose their Empowerment. This will stun Aksis and render him vulnerable. This is the first and shortest round of damage at about 10 seconds. Start shooting on him. The Empowerment will also shift to another Guardian. Again, it is vital to call out who is Empowered during this portion of the fight. Whoever gains it needs to go to the lane that just expended its empowerment. Be sure to expend each of the Elemental Cannons on Aksis if you can manage it. They do great damage and save the Guardian a little ammo they can use later on Aksis during the longer stuns.

The second time after the Empowerment Blast, Aksis will be stunned for 15 seconds. The third and final time will be for 25 seconds. This is where you need to unleash your full damage potential against Aksis. Titans should drop their Ward of Dawn with Weapons of Light, Nightstalkers should loose their Tethers and Warlocks should lob their grenades with Viking Funeral. This can make for some truly impressive damage. By the time you are done with this damage phase completely, the team should have done at least 1/5th of Aksis's total health in damage. Less than that and it will get more difficult deeper into the fight, if not getting wiped.

Defeat Aksis - Wrath of the Machine

After the damage phase, Aksis will return to his own platform in the back center of the arena. The Fireteam needs to immediately start running for the platforms that are sitting in the back of the room with the light coming off them.

Defeat Aksis - Wrath of the Machine

That is the entire process you will need to repeat 4 more times to defeat Aksis.

There is only one change after the fourth SIVA burst. Aksis will teleport onto his starting platform one more time and start a last ditch summoning of the SIVA mites. This is the point to go all in with your damage. Titans should loose their Bubbles with Weapons of Light, Hunters their tethers and Warlocks their grenades. Just unload every bit of damage that you can onto him as quickly as possible.

Defeat Aksis - Wrath of the Machine

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