The Quest Step An Unknowable Science in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

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“An Unknowable Science” is a Step in the Quest Channeling the Corruption in Destiny: Rise of Iron


Equalize the SIVA Engine's energy flow across randomized pattern.

Return to the Iron Temple and access the SIVA Engine (Unstable). You begin in the top left. Just below that starting node is a reset button. This will give you another pattern to work with. The group needs to reach the same number across all their modules. Everyone should list their numbers, one is chosen and then you need to aim to get that total number using the modules. Grab some paper or a Calculator and start using Math to reach the final total by the far side. There are no shortcuts here.

SIVA Engine Unstable

Once the team has managed to get the same number across all their modules, you will be done with the quest.

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