The Mission Objective Ascend the Skyscraper in Destiny.

“Fight your to the upper levels of the Clovis Bray Complex to find the Cabal Recon forces.”


Head deeper into the facility and get ready. You will be facing a lot of Cabal and some Vex as well. Go forward and then over to the left. It won't take long to find the first squad of Cabal. There area some Phalanx to deal with as well as Psions. After them you need to head down the stairs through the doorway opposite where you came in. This will lead to a massive room with a very large staircase. The Vex will teleport in and start attacking the Cabal here.

Deal with what you can but head for the staircase in the back of the room. Take it up to the left and head through the open door way there. Keep going to the left toward the elevator bay. Deal with the Centurion and Psions in the area. Head past the elevator bay and go up the far staircase. Head on up those stairs and follow the corridor.


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