The Mission Objective Assault Fallen Fortification in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

“Reach the SIVA-resurrected guns.”

“Assault Fallen Fortification” is an objective in the mission The Plaguelands in Destiny: Rise of Iron


Inside the Bunnker you have yet more Splicers that you will need to deal with. This does include at least one Splicer Reaver Captain. Otherwise, it is what is left from outside the bunker as well as the Dregs and Vandals that are scattered throughout the area. You will need to Destroy the shield generators to continue forward.

Assault Fallen Fortifications - The Plaguelands

Once the shields are down, head on through the doorway that has opened up in the back wall of Bunker Triglav. Run on through the corridor and through the two room beyond it. Just follow the path forward and make your way out to the guns beyond it.

Destroy Shield Generators - The Plaguelands


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