Atheon, Time's Conflux Challenge in Destiny: Age of Triumph.

The Atheon Challenge is a particular set of rules to follow while defeating the final boss of the Vault of Glass raid, Atheon, Time's Conflux

The Challenge[edit]

Each Guardian must destroy 1 Oracle found through the Time Portal to either the Past or Future.

Completing the Challenge[edit]

Like with any challenge, coordination is key to completing this. First, 3 Guardians need to go on the left-hand side and 3 need to go on the right-hand side. There are, ideally, at least 2 people on each side who can use the Relic reliably as well. Also, once you have gone into the Time Stream, be sure that there is a place that the Fireteam is meeting once they have gone into the Time Stream.

At the start of the each Oracle cycle, each party member needs to call or be assigned an Oracle. There are now 6 Oracles inside the area that need to be destroyed in a limited amount of time. Inside the Time Stream, the Guardians with the Relic Holder need to quickly destroy Oracles 1 and 2. The Aegis Holder typically will be assigned Oracle 3 or later to ensure they have the super to instantly destroy it. Each Guardian also needs to watch the bottom left of the screen as they are killing the Oracle. Only return to the Present after you see your name appear with the text, "has killed an Oracle." Using any of the weapons from Vault of Glass will increase the damage you deal to the Oracle and make it easier and faster to kill.

Detained Guardian

Entering the Time Portal

Mars - Past

Venus - Future

Relic Bearer

Destroying an Oracle

Damaging Atheon

Damaging Atheon[edit]

Once the Guardians have the Time's Vengeance, they have 30 seconds where they can deal massively increased damage to Atheon. The Relic holder needs to move forward and then just shield the party using the Cleanse Shield. Here, it is recommended to use heavy weapons like Machine Guns or Sleeper Simulant, high impact Sniper Rifles like the Black Spindle or Ex Machina.

If you have a Defender Titan with Ward of Dawn set to Weapons of Light, be sure they are setting up their Ward on the back of the central platform. The fireteam members can back into it easily from the Aegis Shield while reloading their weapons.

Most Weapons fire will pass through the shield, with the exception of Rockets. DO NOT USE ROCKETS INSIDE THE CLEANSE SHIELD. You will kill yourself if fired inside the shield. To use them successfully, you will need to jump out of the Shield and fire the Rocket while airborne above the cleanse shield.

The Aegis Holder needs to watch the timer, calling out the 10 second mark and then counting down from 5 seconds.

The Team should only stay in for additional damage if Atheon is at 1% or less health

Aegis Tips[edit]

The Aegis has 2 attacks, R1+L1 and R2. The Blast from L1 + R1 can demolish an Oracle in a blast.

The Aegis Holder needs to watch the timer, calling out the 10 second mark and then counting down from 5 seconds.

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