The Mission Objective Defeat the Vex in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Defaet the Vex ascending beneath the Sig Site.”

“Defeat the Vex” is an objective in the mission A March of Fire in Destiny: The Taken King


Be sure that you get to either side of this area as this part of the mission is starting. An Ultra Hydra will appear just in front of a Vex Conflux. There are a lot more Vex incoming as well. At first, expect a lot of Goblins and Harpies.

Get to one of the sides, clear the Vex that are on it and use this to give yourself some cover. From there, just focus on taking down the Ultra Hydra. Once you defeat that foe, there is a Minotaur and possibly a Goblin you need to deal with. When you clear them out you are free to advance.

A March of Fire[edit]

Bound by Fire[edit]