The Mission Objective Destroy the Echo in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Destroy the Echo of Oryx and disrupt Taken efforts on Venus.”

“Destroy the Echo” is an objective in the mission Entropy's Pinnacle in Destiny: The Taken King


The Echo of Oryx appears when you approach the central portal in the back of the area. it is very quick to call in some Hobgoblins and likely a Centurion as well.

Start the fight, if possible, by sniping the Echo of Oryx. This does a lot of damage and can make the rest of the fight a bit easier. As much as possible, go for headshots and high damage attacks against the Echo. Save your Super though. The Echo will drain it so look for the right time to use your Super as soon as possible. After getting those initial shots in, duck into some cover for a moment. Deal with the oncoming Taken efficiently, focusing on the Goblins.

You will be dealing with a high number of Taken foes as you battle this boss. Always try to track down and eliminate all of the Goblins that you can. If you find a good-sized group of Taken, immediately use your Super against them.