The Mission Objective Disrupt Rasputin's Defenses in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Disrupt Rasputin's defense by shorting out the local servers.”

“Disrupt Rasputin's Defenses” is an objective in the mission Fallen SABER (Epic) in Destiny: The Taken King


Disrupt Rasputin's Defenses - Fallen SABER Epic

Head down the tunnel into The Mine. This leads to the second Rasputin Bunker in the Cosmodrome. Head forward and through the doors. When you arrive in the Coolant room you better reload and get ready for a massive wave of enemies.

When things begin, you will face a number of Exploding Shanks that come from the vents in front of you. There are at least four. Take them out quickly because one can easily kill a Guardian at this difficulty level.

On the left-hand side you have as Servitor taking what shots it can. In the back you have a number of Dregs, a Reaver Captain and Noble Vandal.

Disrupt Rasputin's Defenses - Fallen SABER Epic

Get through the wave and will hear from Ghost. You need to disable Rasputin's defenses. Head to the far end of the room. One member of the Fireteam needs to throw any kind of grenade into the open hatch. This will open the door forward.