The Mission Objective Disrupt the barrier in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Use Arc energy to disrupt the protective barriers barring the way to the time bridge.”

“Disrupt the barrier” is an objective in the Strike The Echo Chamber in Destiny: The Taken King


Whoever has the Arc energy will need to head out of the cave. The others in the fireteam need to clear a path to the barrier for them. The Runner with the Arc energy needs to follow their fireteam forward and to the barrier. You can run ahead and you will find that you can move faster by double jumping.

Disrupt the barrier – The Echo Chamber

The simple path to the barrier is to exit the cave to the left. Go up the slope and keep to the left. Follow path there around the corner.

Disrupt the barrier – The Echo Chamber

Turn to the right when you reach the next downslope.

Disrupt the barrier – The Echo Chamber

In front of the time barrier you will encounter some Fallen Captains. The runner can simply jump over them and head for the barrier. It helps to throw out a grenade at the Captains to force them to move. The rest of the fireteam should clear the Fallen from the area as quickly as possible. The Runner should join in as soon as they get the Arc Charge into the barrier. When the area around the barrier is clear, move forward.